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February 11th 1943

My dear Boys and Girls,
The good news that comes to hand must certainly make us all more cheerful, and it certainly, also, brings the war appreciably nearer to its end. Our first thoughts must be those of thankfulness, for we at home have offered up constant prayer to almighty God, as I suppose you all have. An humble, thankful heart is always acceptable to God. I think that you will all agree that we are not sufficiently thankful for the good things of life, although we are only too ready to grumble when things are not to our liking.
I have been very pleased indeed to receive a good many courtesy calls this week from lads on leave, for as you know I do appreciate seeing you when you can manage to get home.
With my love and my Blessing,
Ever your affectionate friend,

Margaret Neta Latham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Latham, Hesketh Lane, married John Wignall, of Banks, on Saturday in Tarleton Parish Church. Reception afterwards at Becconsall Hotel.
Janey Iddon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Iddon, Church Road married Charlie Mayor, Mere Brow, on Wednesday at the Chapel. Corpl. Tom Burns, R.A.S.C., Oaklands Avenue, married Joyce Bolton, of Walton le Dale, on Saturday at Walton le Dale. Annie Dandy, Holmes, next to Holmes Chapel, is engaged to be married to Mr. Duckworth, New Road, (lives in the house that was Hambilton's) .
The Women's Section of the B.L. raffled a tablecloth and made £7. It was won by Pte. George Farrington, of Croston, who is engaged to Annie Wilson, Wesley Cottages. They gave £5 to the Prisoners of War Fund and £2 to the Rector's News Letter Fund, for which we thank them. Hesketh Bank Bowling Club has sent 30/ to each of the 140 H.B. boys serving in the Forces, as a Christmas present.

On leave.
Gunner Harold Aspey: Marine Kenneth Nicholson: Tel. John Webster, R.N.: Jimmy Latham, R.N. (Moss Lane): John Iddon, R.N., Shore Side, H.B.: Sub Lieutenant (E), Johnny Hague, R.N.R.: Pte. Arthur Worth: Gdsn. Aubrey Smith: Gdsn. Matt. Farrington (Walmer Bridge) Corpl. Tom Burns:
A.T.C. Dance in Schools on Friday night. A good attendance of Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen, including three Pilot- Sergents adorned with full wings.
Mr. Matthew Harrison, of Wigan, a native of Tarleton, was found drowned in the Canal at Wigan, and was brought to Tarleton for burial. He was 73 years of age. Mr. Hugh Taylor, Fermor Road, died on Sunday and was buried at Tarleton on Thursday. He was 84 years of age. It will be remembered that he and his wrife, a Farrington, celebrated their Diamond Wedding (60 years wed), last August. Mrs. Taylor is living with her daughter, Mrs. Higham, in Granville Avenue.
Doris Iddon, Chapel Rd. H.B. has married John Banks, R.A.F., of Croston. L/Bombadier Dick Blundell R.A. also on leave. Frank Foster has now reached the convalescent stage. He is still, as far as is known, in Ceylon. Muriel Iddon is much improved though still poorly. Dick Sephton, wounded in Libya, is now convalescent.
Home for week end only:- Gdsn. George Burns, for Tom's wedding. O/S Jack Marsden R.N. Dvr. Bob Sharples, R.A.S.C. (H.B.): Trooper Ralph Whitehead also on leave. Have just heard that Alice Mayor, Tabby Nook, Mere Brow is engaged to a lad in the R.A.F.

Airgraph from Corporal Jimmy Burns, M.E.F. says "Many thanks for N.Ls received after many weeks adrift. (Jimmy is chasing Rommel.) I have changed my address no time to write hard at work, but very happy. I came across Sam Iddon from Hoole the other day. You will know whom I mean. He is one of those Iddon's from off the farm at the top of the Brow at H.B. I wish to be remembered to all at Tarleton and my brothers Tom, Dick and George and Harry Forrest, M.E.F., also Harry Crook, Jimmy Leacy etc."
Airgraph from Dvr. Ronnie Pilkington says, "I can honestly say that I enjoyed this Chrismas more than any other since I left you all at Tarleton three years ago. I have received another of your N.Ls this week and find plenty of home news to read. I would like to find Dick Gabbott who is out here. Please ask him in your next N.L. to let me have his address. I feel quite sure that he will be glad to hear from me. Best wishes and kind regards to my brother Harold in the R.A.F. "
L/cpl. Harley McKean also sends an airgraph saying, "I have not received any N.Ls just recently, but I am hoping they will be on the way somewhere. I have been travelling about a good deal during the past few weeks and it takes time for the mail to catch up with us. This place is steeped in the history of Gordon and Kitchener and is very, very interesting. This place is very hot and the thermometer registers between 90 and 100 degrees, and it is now 8 1 43!"
Corpl. Jimmy Sutton sends an airgraph from the M.E.F., to say, "Thanks for three N.Ls which arrived today. Did I tell you about visiting the island of Cyprus, Allepo, Palmyra and Syria etc? . I have not met anyone out here that I know since I came across Leslie Hodson. Remember me to him, if possible, in one of the N.Ls., and tell him I am very near the place I met him, and wish him all the best from me. It is very cold here, the mountains around us are covered with snow. I am very sorry that my Auntie and Uncle in Blackgate Lane have so far received no news of my cousin Bill". (William Sutton, R.A.F. missing for well over a year now.)
Sergt. Ernie Ball writes "I have been here since Wednesday and it has poured down every day, and then people turn round and say 'Bonnie Scotland'. Tomorrow is Sunday, but not for us. We start at the usual time and finish at 5.15 p.m. We have four periods a day on drill and have to walk approx. 3/4 mile each day, so by the end of the day our "plates of meat" (feet) are rather sore and tired; anyway its all in a lifetime. I should think by this time all the G.P.O. staff for miles around know your address, because your weekly average must be very high." (The Rector sends on an average 300 letters every week.)
L/S John Coulton R.N. (Hesketh Bank) writes "I wonder if you would please remember me to my old pal Joe Moore, R.N., through the N.L.? I believe that he is now serving abroad. Oh!, will you please change my address as above. I have had quite a number of back dated letters arriving addressed wrongly. W.S.D. instead of L/S H.S.D., and they must have found their way to some Wren's Depot thinking the W.S.D. meant Women Sailor Dept., or a girl sailor, as the saying goes."
Seaman William Ball (Scoot), who is now back on his ship and far away, writes, "The weather out here is lovely and warm, plenty of fruit including oranges, tangerines, and lemons. Apart from fruit there is little and the people at home are very lucky compared with the people out here. We were very highly honoured on one occasion in having a great man give us a little speech. It is something I will never forget. Thank you for the four N.Ls I received on arriving in port."
Dvr. John Caunce writes "Just a few lines to let you know that I am still bobbling about, although my knee is giving me a lot of pain. I went out on Wednesday for my usual drive and I was lucky enough to get Mr. Arthur Worth. Mr. Worth is coming home tomorrow, so if he calls in to see you he will tell you what kind of a driver I am. "
LAC Tom Dandy writes "I have been to so many new places lately that I am only just settling down. I received 8 N.Ls yesterday; they had been following me all over the place. I was very glad to read them, I would like to be remembered to all the lads from Tarleton."
Sapper James Harrison (Kearsley Ave.) says "I have had a fortnight here on a refresher course. It hasn't been bad, and whenever I could I have been to look round the City. There are some grand canteens here. I am afraid that I must make this letter pretty short or I shall have a pressing engagement with the O.C., if I do not get in for eleven, or in Army Language 23.00 hrs."
AC Riding (New Road), says "Permit me to thank the various bodies for the Christmas gifts received. They were very welcome. I am writing this in a Red Shield Club, with wireless blazing, and heat and smell pervading all. Still they are very helpful and much appreciated.
AC Tom Parkinson (Carr Lane) writes "If we have to go abroad I would rather go straight away and get it over with. I hope and pray that we shall have a safe voyage and a quiet return. I take this opportunity of wishing you and all the S.S. Teachers and Scholars a happy Easter. Please give my best wishes to all the lads and lassies from the village in the Forces, and especially, to the Rowland Bros. and T. Tindsley. I hope to get back to the S.S. again, for I don't think that war will make me lose faith in God."
Gunner Arthur Harrison says "Thanks for the N.Ls. They are more than ever interesting here. As I told you in my last letter I am not allowed to tell you where we are, or what we are doing, or what kind of weather we are having. We get more news in the N.L. than in all our letters from home so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "


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