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WWII Home Front News
October 1st 1942

My dear Boys and Girls,
Just at present we are in the middle of our many Harvest Thanksgiving Services in both Church and Chapel, and, as usual, our congregations migrate from one to the other. I have been very pleased to receive visits last week from all the lads who were on leave as such visits, besides being most pleasant in themselves, do help me to keep in even closer touch with you all. As you will see my nephew is now a padre and in the M.E.F. and I am asking him to keep a good look out for any of you who may be in his neighbourhood. If any of you who happen to be in the M.E.F, hear of him or come across him do not hesitate to go straight up to him and make yourself known. He will be delighted to see you and make you welcome - and to help you, if need be, in any way.
With my love and my Blessing,
ever Your affectionate friend,

Home Front News.
Jimmy Dandy, son of Nicholas Dandy, Green Lane, Holmes, has won a silver Challenge Cup at Liverpool rabbit show with a Black Rex rabbit. This is the first cup to came to Tarleton from any rabbit Competition. Gladys Buck, Hundred End, is engaged to Hugh Abram, Moss Lane, who was invalided out of the Scots Guards. Leslie Ascroft, son of Walter Ascroft, Holmes, was on a Home Guard Commando course when he was accidentally shot in the face with blank cartridge. His eye was badly damaged. He was taken to Preston Infirmary where Dr. Sumner performed an operation. He is doing well and it is not thought that he will lose the sight of his eye as was once expected. Mrs. Richard Harrison, Kearsley Ave., has received an official notice from the War Office stating that from an unofficial list now in their hands they can state that Dick Harrison is now a prisoner of war in Japan. He was taken in Malaya. Dick’s sister, Nellie Harrison, is being married in October to Eric Booth, of Hoole, who is now in the Army. Lily Measham, Spring Vale, H.B. married Fusilier Eric Ashcroft, York House, H.B. last week at H.B. A.T.C. Dance takes place in the Schools on Friday next. Gunner Harry Woosey is now home on convalescent leave. Ernie Nicholson has had his compassionate leave extended another three months as his father is still very seriously ill, and his mother is a permanent invalid. Dick Burns and Jimmy Sutton, Hesketh Lane, both on leave from the R.N. this week end, and both wearing "tiddley" suits, showing that they have passed their exams and are well on the way to becoming Petty Officers. Corporal Robert Moss, R.A.F. and AC1 Tom Parkinson both home on leave. AC2 Harold Pilkington home for week end. Congratulations to Dan Stazicker who is now a L/Bombadier, and Harry Cookson who is a L/Corporal. Mr. Jackson, who used to be at the Mill, and his son Derek, over for the week end, staying with Percy Sanderson in Hesketh Lane. Both were in the Choir on Sunday. Jack Robinson, home on leave, attended his grandfathers Funeral. Another grandson, Detective Sergeant Cyril Iddon was also present, and another grandson, in R.A.F., from Southport, was also present. Tarleton Church Harvest last Sunday. Early Communions very well attended. Vicar of Emmanuel, Southport, preached in morning, the rector in afternoon, when the A.T.C. attended on Parade, and Mr. Littler, Vicar of St. Mary‘s, Preston in the evening, when the Church was packed. Home Guard holding a Gymkhana on Rectory lawn on Saturday next, when the Sections will compete for the Challenge Cup presented by rector. One of the residents at Bank Hall is going to Buckingham Palace next week to be invested by the King for something he did some time ago. Fred Taylor (Hesketh Lane) is home on a month’s agricultural leave this week and Bob Sharples returned from leave on Sunday. The local schools are having the potato picking holidays from October 12th to the 23rd. Tarleton Methodist Chapel Harvest on Sunday next, Oct. 4th. The new Minister, Mr. Moore of Croston, is preaching. Mere Brow Methodist Harvest last Sunday; and Holmeswood Chapel Harvest next Sunday, Oct.4th, and Holmes Chapel Harvest on October 11th.

Extracts from Letters.
The Rev. E.J. Forse, C.F., the rectors nephew, sends an airgraph from the M.E.F., saying "Just before leaving my first Unit out here I discovered one of your Tarleton lads was with it R. Whiteside. I went twice to see him but he was out each time, and then I left the Regt., so never made contact. I made the discovery by seeing a letter addressed to you on the top of a pile waiting to be censored. It gave me quite a surprise." Gunner R. Whiteside writes "I am looking forward to the day when I shall be playing in the Hesketh Bank Prize Band, of which I was a member before I was called to the colours. During my time out east I have seen a great many interesting places." (His letter was written in June, Mr. Forse's airgaph was dated Sept. 11th.) Dvr Richard Iddon, Gorse Lane, sends an airgraph dated Sept. 10th, saying "I got two of your N.L's the day before yesterday. I opened my eyes when I got them; they were the first letters I have received since I have been in this country. Then I got one yesterday from my mother. I didn’t expect sea mail yet. I have read them twice over“. Corpl Harry Forrest sends as airgraph dated 12/9/42 saying "Still the same as ever in the best of health despite the heat and flies. It is already 12 months since I landed in this country (He is in the M.E.F. ) There is one thing that puts new life into me and that is the N.Ls that I receive regularly, the last dated 18/6/42. I hand them round to the boys and Oh! how they do like them, and often say "I wish I could get something like that". Please remember me to all my pals in Tarleton." Marine Leslie Hodson sends an Air Mail Letter from Syria in which he says ;' I received 3 N.Ls to day and I appreciate them because I have not had any mail for a long time, and it is nice when you can read about what is going on at home. I know my pal Bill Wright is out here, but I haven’t met him so far. Things are very dear in this part of the world, but it is better than being in the desert. I managed to get 5 days leave in the mountains. The Hotel where I stayed was 2,500 ft. above sea level. Picking grapes was like picking blackberries in Rufford Wood.” A.B. William Ball (Scoot) writes from his Ship saying "I am spending most of my spare time fishing as there are plenty of fish here. At times it looks like a fish market, there are so many different kinds being caught. I am afraid I shall soon be getting sick of the sight of fish as we have it for supper nearly every night.” Trooper Ralph Whitehead writes "Nothing very much happens here, but we still get some excitement from the horses, too much sometimes. We have a new rector in this village, Mr. Young is his name. I think that he came from the Rossendale district." Gunner John Ball says” I would like to congratulate Dan Stazicker on his recent promotion. We had a surprise one morning some weeks ago. We were just coming out of the dining hall from breakfast when we saw a ‘plane come gliding down out of the clouds and open fire with its machine guns. Luckily no one was hit. I would like to thank the Women Conservatives through the N.L. for the 5/- they sent me. I would like to be remembered to Harry Harrison, who is overseas and all the other lads in the Forces. AC1 Freddy Pollard writes “All being well I hope to be home on Oct. 8th. when I shall be paying you a visit. When I was at my last camp the A.T.C. used to come to the camp for tea every other Sunday. It just suited them down to the ground. We had some rain and wind these last two days and so you can see I am looking forward to going on leave." Gunner Sidney Ball says “You will notice that I have moved up to the old North, and it is good to be here. We get a lot more to eat and it is better food. We are here for driving instructions for six weeks, and we hope to get home on leave when the time is up. Our boys brought down two Jerry ‘planes the other night. Please remember me to all my pals in the Forces and at home.” LAC Jack' Edmondson begins his letter "This is being written to you by an Airman with 4hrs flying experience. To day I left the earth for the first time in my life. The feeling is not much different to being in a shaking car, except when turning to come in. You see the earth through one window and the sky through the other. I am enjoying these flips which are not pleasure cruises, but instructions in direction finding between aircraft and ground stations. Last week I managed to pass my board exam, in morse at the required speed of 18 words per minute. I hope I am as successful in my technical exam. in a fortnight's time". He adds "P.S: Please don’t forget the N.L.” From his brother Pte Eric Edmondson comes “Although I have been in the Army such a short time I find that news about home affairs is very welcome. We have rather a full day of it here so visiting outside barracks is not frequent. There are no more Tarleton lads in Camp, but some come from Preston and district. Dvr. Dick Taylor, Mere Bow, writes '"When I got back to my Coy on Friday it was to find that nearly everyone had been to different parts of the country, including Fred Taylor (Hesketh Lane)."


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