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WWII News from  Lancashire
July 25th 1942

My Dear Lads ,
To day is my birthday, so I cannot possibly do better than to wish you all Happy Returns. At any rate you do know how earnestly I pray that you will all return in safety. The future, of course, is in the hands of God, and it is on Him that we must trust to bring the war to a speedy and successful conclusion. I hope that you all enjoyed the double number last week. I wanted to give you, as I promised, a full list of all who have joined up, and at the same time I did not want to get behind with my acknowledgements of your letters. And as I received 37 letters from lads away last week the only solution was to double the number of pages. I am now in the South not far from Windsor on a visit to my aged Father who is in his 93rd year. I have come by train so that it will be very difficult to see many of you, but I am doing my best to hitch hike to those who are within reach. As I am away from local news I will give an account of my travels in the place of the Home Front next week, but will snoop round and give you all the latest from the village directly I get back. With my love, my prayers and my blessing, ever your affectionate friend.,

Mrs. Dick Barron (nee Maggie Dandy) has presented her husband with a very fine son. Percy Sanderson, Hesketh Lane, was taken suddenly ill with a duodenal ulcer on Tuesday evening while on N. F. S. work and was rushed to Preston Infirmary. He had an operation at once and is doing well. Mrs. Hugh Sutton (Rose Farm, Gorse Lane) has presented her husband with a bonny boy, third child, second boy. Sergeant Ernie Ball who is now stationed in the far north came on leave last week. His wife came up from the South to spend it with him. Gdsn. John Moss, Gunner Dick Blundell, Gunner Tom Fazackerley, Cpl. Harry Taylor, R.A.F. Petty Officer Nick Forshaw, Pte. Ronnie Sergeant, Pte. Fred Taylor (Hesketh Lane) and A.C.2 John Sutton all on leave last week. Last Friday a girl named Kinder, a member of a Liverpool evacuee family now living in Hesketh Lane almost opposite Mission Church, should have been married next day. She works at Brockhouses and on the Friday mentioned some of her workmates took her handbag and placed it on the top of a ladder running straight up a wall. Climbing to get it down she fell from the top and was severely injured. She was taken to Southport Infirmary, and although now home is still very ill. Mrs. Dick Wignall and Mrs. Coupe gave a garden party on Thursday at the former's house in Fulwood Avenue, on behalf of the M. U. Comfort’s fund and raised over £7. John Ashton, the Hon. Sec. of the newly formed Tomato Growers Association, is attending a big meeting in London on Tuesday. William Howard (Slim) of Fermor Road, won the first prize at Preston Rabbit Show last Saturday. Martha West is now out of Hospital and has rejoined her unit. (A.T.S.) William Clee (Kearsley Avenue) has been discharged from the Army to work in an Aircraft Factory. Corporal William Roberts, (married Olive Dobson) has been in Hospital with tonsilitis but is now back with his Unit. Sale of furniture etc. at the late Mr. Dick Whitehead's house in Fulwood Ave. on Thursday. Large crowds attended. Good prices fetched. Lilian Dobson (Kearsley Ave) has joined the A.T.S.. Dickey West caught a roach in the canal this week weighing 1 1/4 lbs. Fishing match in canal on Sunday afternoon. Only Tarleton lads eligible. One prize total of entrance fees, for one catching greatest weight,. Nellie Cookson (Wesley Cottages) is to be married on Sept.5th, to Lieut. Cooke of Colwyn Bay. Wedding at Parish Church, Tarleton. Trooper Ted Barnish is now in India after a long trek through the jungle from Burma. Trooper Alec Barnish is in Egypt. Vernon Ogden (Rose and Crown, Hoole), joins the Navy at the end of this week. Roger Watson, R.A.F. is now in India. Edith Spenser (Curacy House) has given a pint of blood to Preston Infirmary Chief Petty Officer John Hornby of Hoole called on Rector to tell him that Frank Mckean who is on his ship shows him the N.L. each week and he enjoys it. The King has visited his ship recently.

Pte. Matt Sutton sends an airgraph thanking the rector for the punctual arrival of the N.L. week by week, Goes on "I am fit and well and the large doses of sun which is so abundant out here accounts for most of this. The weather is glorious but it does not deter me from thinking how much I would like to be back amongst my own folk despite the vagaries of the English climate." L/cpl. Harley McKean also sends an airgraph from the middle East saying "Here is my first letter to you since I left England“, (you are wrong there Harley, you sent me one from the boat on the way out.) Goes on 'I have received three N.Ls in the last two days and I felt I had to write whether I had time or not. The N.Ls are a real treat sir, and I hope to receive them regularly. As you will see by the address I have been promoted. Tell them we don't mind them taking the railings but we don't want them to change Tarleton because we are all hoping to be home soon. Please remember me to all the boys at home and away'. Marine Ken. Nicholson writes from somewhere in the Pacific to say "Just received two N.Ls from you. I bet you heave a sigh of relief when you climb between the sheets each night, you must have a terrific amount of work. When I was lying in my hammock the other night I thought how strange it is, the places at which you meet people and the conditions under which you meet them. Bill Philbin (the Philbins used to live in Moss Lane and a short time ago moved to Preston, ) and I, left England at the same time but in different ships. We were sent to search for the survivors of the ----, and arrived just before dusk. If we had been a couple of hours later we would have missed them in the dark. I was very surprised when the following afternoon as I was sitting on the gun deck who should walk along but Bill. He was one of the survivors we had picked up. We had quite an interesting yarn and he was quite surprised when I told him about the N.L. I was able to pass on all the latest information about the boys, We are very fortunate at present; we have a Chaplain who walks around the ship and has a cup of tea with the boys". AB.WSO. John Coulton R.N. (Hesketh Bank) writes from his ship to say “Here’s a line to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. The
last time we arrived in harbour, I had 5 N.Ls waiting for me, so I spent quite a half an hour reading every little detail. I am afraid I cannot say much about my travels as you are aware, but I am not grumbling. Life at the best has its ups and downs, and taking the rough with the smooth I consider myself lucky (touch wood). Please remember me to my cousin Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) through the N.L. and all my friends in Tarleton especially my old doctor, Dr. Croft. You are still minus my photograph in your collection, but I have not forgotten about it." (Tom Rigby left England for the East some weeks ago). A.C. Tom Parkinson writes "I see from the N.L. for which I am most grateful, that a few of the Tarleton lads have met each other in the East. I am sure they would be overjoyed at seeing each other. I am sure that we shall all have to think and see things more clearly on our spiritual side of life yet, and pray and believe on God more than we have ever done before. Please wish all the lads the best of luck for the future and pray God will keep all safe until His peace comes to earth again."( It is here ,Tom, but we are to blind to see it). A.C.2 Edwin Barron says, "I have arrived here on a flight mechanics course. This Camp has about everything you could wish for in a training camp. I should have preferred-----,of course, as the real test of a camp’s merits, so far as I am concerned, lies in its distance from Sollom. I am writing this letter in the Y.M.C.A. in the little village of ----, which is quite near, and reminds me very much of Rufford. I am looking forward to plenty of snooping round this neighbourhood. The country round here is very interesting." L.A.C.W. Margaret Moss, (Mere Brow), says, "Thanks for the N.L. which was waiting, for me when I returned. I was delighted, for as a rule I have to wait several days after returning from leave before anyone decides to write. We are very short staffed here. We have been promised more girls, but goodness knows when any will arrive. I am sending you a photograph of myself, but I am afraid it is not very good. (It is very good Margaret, Gunner Tom Fazackerly when on leave said it was a perfect likeness, and I agreed with him). Srgt. Nick Dewhurst (Scots Guards) writes, " I am now teaching Officers, and one of them, of whom I am very proud to have the honour of teaching, happens to be Prince Philip of Greece (the brother of the Duchess of Kent, Princess Marina). I find him a real good sport and rather amusing." Nick then tells the story, too long to quote of how he rescued a woman patient in a Mental Home from a canal into which she jumped, Gunner Harold Aspey says, “I am still at Regt. H.Q., and like being here very much. The last two or three weeks I have been in charge of our Canteen, and, believe me I like doing it. We have made a rest room here for the A.T.S. Please remember me to all the boys on Active Service in the N.L. '


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