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War news from home
May 28th 1942

Letter from the Rev. W.A. Unsworth,
Methodist Minister serving Croston and Tarleton,

The Manse,

My Dear Tarleton Lads,
Your Rector and friend has kindly asked me as the Methodist Minister to send a letter to you in his weekly "News Notes". Having been abroad in the West Indies for seven years, I know how you will look forward to news from home, and I do pray God to bless your Rector in his great work, and that these weekly letters may bring constant encouragement and inspiration to you, helping you to “Endure hardness, as good soldiers of Jesus Christ”. As I am writing we are approaching Whit Sunday once again, the Anniversary of Pentecost. It was while the disciples continued steadfast in prayer in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, that they received the rich baptism of the Holy Spirit, which changed some of them from weak, unreliable men, into mighty ambassadors of the Cross, ready to go anywhere, and to endure anything that they might preach the gospel of the Saviour's love. During this week we shall think of you and pray especially that you may receive a rich pentecostal blessing, helping you, day by day to live a victorious Christian life. Will you personally, seek daily, this blessing too? I like the Vesper sung by our choir and congregation every Sunday evening; "There is a spot where spirits blend, and friend holds fellowship with friend; though sundered far, by faith we meet, around one common Mercy Seat". By prayer you forge one of the strongest links which unites you, on the one hand with your Heavenly Father's care, and on the other hand with the dear ones at home, to whom your absence means so much, and who daily long for tidings of your welfare. May He who has promised to be with "us always", have you and them in His gracious keeping. Wishing to join your rector in affectionate greetings, Yours sincerely,

Home Front News.
L.A.C. Malcom Parkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Parkinson, Moss Lane, who is now in Canada training to become a Flight Pilot has been asked by the B.B.C. to broadcast to England from Canada. He has already made a record, which is being sent to England. His parents will be notified when the broadcast is to take place. Another lad who broadcast with him came from Haslingdon, the Parkinson's home town, and knew both Malcolm's father and mother. Tarleton Branch of the Red Cross have given a cheque for £100 to the Central Fund. Caroline, Lady Bridgeman, D.B.E. has sent Mrs. Croft, the President a charming letter of thanks. One of the Conchies who works for Slingers has been sent to prison for a month for refusing to go before a Medical Board. Harry Southworth, Blackgate Lane, won the 1st. and 2nd. pigeon flying prize on Sat. last. John Iddon (H.B. ) won 3rd, and Albert Ashcroft (Holmes) the 4th. Johnny Burns and Harry Rawcliffe have paved the lean to in the rectory yard as a cook- house for the H.G. Jack Marsden has now joined a ship doing very specialised work. Mrs. Jack Mee has presented her husband with another little girl. Harry Woosey (Bretherton) who married Hilda Harrison, and now lives at Hoole View, Hesketh Lane; and Nick Taylor, who married Tolsey Stazicker join up this week. Vincent Haywood, Kearsley Avenue, was married at Banks Methodist Church on Saturday to a Banks girl. A Panda doll made by Mr. Thorne, who came to Tarleton when his Liverpool house was blitzed, was sold at the Dance on Friday for £5.10s. for the rector’s News Letter Fund. Young Colin, the baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dandy, is now its fond possessor. Two small cakes sold at the same Dance made 14/6 apiece between them. This and the proceeds from the Dance go to the M.U. Comfort's Fund. Davani’s (Preston) Band was in attendance. Tom Walsh, Frank Timperley, Matt Farrington, Eva Foulds, Harry Price are on leave. Frank Foster sends an airgraph from Ceylon saying he has received a batch of N.Ls. Says he is being kept very busy. Local Fire Service are holding a “Sports Day“, next Saturday afternoon on the Recreation Field. Rufford Band in attendance. In addition to usual competitions, running, jumping etc., there will be special fire service competitions, life saving etc. Proceeds for the N.F.S. Benevolent Fund. Section Leader Harry Hodge, commanding Tarleton, Rufford, Mawdsley, Hesketh Bank N.F.S. has accepted an invitation to attend a Fire fighting course for N.F.S. Officers at the Grand Palace Hotel at a southern seaside resort. Mrs. Harry Lund, Meolsgate Avenue, had a little girl on Friday last. Those who remember her when she lived at Mere Brow will be interested to learn that Miss Violet Ashcroft is to be
married at Newburgh on June 6th.

Corpl. Harry Forrest sends an airmail from the middle east saying "I am glad to say that now I have had all the news concerning the birth of our baby girl I am really happy: I have been doing a job as Instructor for the past few weeks, and I did enjoy it as it was quite a change from being in the desert. The weather here is very hot and in my spare time I go swimming to keep cool, besides keeping the flies off me“. Dvr. John Iddon says “This is a bit of change towards the other place I was in. There are plenty of amusements here and I would say nothing if I were to be here for the duration. Before I ring off please give my kind regards to all the lads in the services. A.C. Tom Bolton (Longton, was at Tarleton Co op), writes "I have changed my address now. We get little time off here and work all hours, but the thought of what others must be suffering in other parts of the world, helps us to do our job without grumbling. Please remember me to all the Staff at the Co Op, sir, when you call in" (it’s done Tom). Sergt Major Stanley Baldwin sends a long letter. In it he says " It certainly seems ages since my wife and I were in Tarleton last November, and I am eager for such another visit. The winter here was most pleasant. We have Dennis Seddon Brown as a Major in our Battery now he has done well for himself, don't you think. It was just after I was at Tarleton that I was promoted Sergt Major and I have had plenty of work since then, and I think, I have justified the position. There is but one more step I can take as a ranker that of R.S.M. We shall soon have been married a year now, and I can definitely say it has been the best period of my life“. Sapper Abraham Wright says 'Directly on my return from leave I was posted here, and I appreciate the kind thought of the War Office for doing so, for it is the prettiest little village one could wish for, especially at this time of the year." Of his work, he says “What with the noise, dust, oil and engines roaring an excavator operator finds his chief contentment under his blankets. We have a few thousand Italian prisoners doing the spade work - with their hands in their pockets. Give my best wishes to brothers Jack and Bill: and all my friends in H.M.S.” Gunner Dan Stazicker says “I am now living in a R.A. Practice Camp, but it is not for long. We had rather a hot time during the Norwich air raids simply because there were about twelve houses all burning at once within a hundred yards from our billet. Our service was greatly appreciated by the civilian population, for we worked day and night helping them. I like the prayers which you have started putting in the N.L, again, and to tell the truth l was very sorry when you left them out". A.C.W. Eva Foulds begins her letter “ Will you please congratulate for me Ruth Howard on her engagement to Dick Baldwin? I am sending you a photograph of myself. I cannot write much as I am on a visit to my friend who is in Hospital with tonsilitis. Please give my kind regards to all my friends in the forces, and also to Vera Iddon in the W.A.A.Fs. Sapper Dick Iddon who has been in the Middle East for well over a year and who spent his first Army life Christmas in France, his second in the Shetlands and the third in the desert, airgraphs from the M.E. saying “I am receiving your N.L. quite regularly. I am in the same district as I was at Christmas so you will be able to realise that nothing interesting turns up. Airgraph forms are very hard to get hold of here and we are limited to two per mail. So I will send you an air mail letter between airgraphs. I have not met any of the Tarleton lads yet but hope to before long. I wish you would thank the Mothers’ Union and the others for their Christmas gifts to me“. (Dick’s desert Christmas dinner was bully beef and biscuits with sand ad lib.). The Rector’s nephew, Padre E. J. Forse, writes "Have arrived safely in India, I went out to tea this afternoon with Captain Eric Hind (Fulwood Avenue). He heard my name at roll call and came to visit me. When he comes home he will have some stirring stories to tell of his adventures in Malaya and Singapore. I was interested to see your N.L. which Captain Hind had just received - I can tell you he does appreciate receiving them. I am keeping wonderfully well despite the heat,” (Note:- Eric Hind was in Singapore, having come down through Malaya when it capitulated, and escaped with three others in a small boat. The Rector has given instructions for the N.L. to be sent to his nephew every week from now on, so please Padre Edward send us some news.) Gunner John Rimmer (Hesketh Lane) says "We are now at a place where we have to make our own entertainment, but I will say we have a good Padre who himself is a C.E. and he gets up dances and social evenings for us. We have been very busy this week firing guns. It may interest the lads to know that Eric Butterworth has gone on a draft (note Eric used to live in Blackgate Lane before the family moved to Wesham). I am glad to say the hospitality of the people I have met is very good."


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