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World War II newsletter
July 29th 1941

My dear lads,
No letter of mine could speak more eloquently or be anything like such a source of inspiration, as the following tribute paid by his comrades to the gallantry of young Ronald Kerruish. I therefore give it in full:

Sergeants Mess

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kerruish,
As members of your son's crew we should like to pay tribute to the part he played in his last moments.
He successfully silenced the guns of the enemy aircraft and so forced him to give up the fight. Though we were followed for some little time at close range we were not again fired at and so finally escaped. We feel certain that it was due to his gallant and cool action that we escaped further casualty, and that in giving his life he saved ours.
In deep and sincerest sympathy from the members of his crew who were his friends,

Potted Parish Paragraphs.
Our Home Guard took part in the general national manoeuvres, during the week end. Great excitement during Saturday night and Sunday morning. Big Supper at Platoon H.G. presided over by the C.C., Sergt. Robert Spencer and Corpl William Whittle (Big Will), entertained company with snappy stories. Jim Howard, Bob Barron and the rector had long consultations over week end as to whether they could go by car to Fishguard to Sergt Stanley Baldwins wedding on Wednesday. No one could get any petrol so that trip off. Mr. Henry Mensah, a negro from the Gold Coast, preached at Tarleton Parish Church on Sunday evening. His English was extremely good, and his sermon even better. He preached at Croston P.C. in the morning. Tom Dandy, who was accidentally shot in the leg, is doing very well. He is still in Preston Infirmary. Arthur Barron is being called up in his own trade as a tailor. The British Legion are holding a Garden Party at the Rectory on Saturday, Aug. 23rd. They are trying to get a few "big pots" to come. Sergt. Ernie Ball has found the very best girl the world has ever produced in Luton, Bedfordshire, and she has been staying with his mother and father for the past week. Mrs. Woosey (nee Hilda Harrison) who lives at Hoole View; Hesketh Lane, has a son, and Mrs. Gibbons, (nee Bessie Sephton) also of Hesketh Lane has a daughter, both born last week. A Miss Almond, who died at Holmeswood a few weeks ago had her house packed with hundreds of sheets, blankets, tablecloths etc. It is said that she had over 100 dresses, scores of jugs, kettles etc. The sale is now on and will last three days. Among other things she had three baby cots which had never been used. All the Schools are having a day’s holiday on Monday next being Bank Holiday. Corpl Frank Foster, who is in the Middle East spent his week's leave at a very fashionable Egyptian city and thoroughly enjoyed being back in civilization for few days. Says that pavement hawkers swarmed like locusts. He also went on a tour to the pyramids and was not impressed, says that he has seen bigger "slack heaps" near Wigan. It may now be revealed that Frank McKean was in that train smash some month's ago near Taunton, and escaped without harm. Last week we promoted Gdsn Nick Dewhurst to the rank of Sergt. He is, of course a Corporal. Lets hope that we shall be found among the prophets. Choir Sunday at the Chapel last Sunday. Harry Hodge and Margaret Tindsley were the soloists. There is to be no Chapel Choir outing this year. The Church is also not having the usual parochial outing.

Extracts from Letters.
The rector has received so many letters this week that he will have to hold a few over to take extracts from next week. So please do not worry if you do not see an extract from your letter here, And above all do not stop writing or there will be a shortage of news in a very short time. Well, here goes. Dvr. Ronnie Pilkington is in the East. Says he is thoroughly enjoying his experiences. Visited a wonderful place where there is no blackout and they don't know there is a war on. Adds that the people were very kind to him and he stayed with some people who came from Bristol some years ago. He has a marvellous time. Dvr Noel Clark (Nobby) says he expects to go abroad soon and will send on address. Enjoyed his last leave, and sends his kind regards to all his friends in Tarleton. Dvr. Richard Sephton, (Rufford), send both a letter dated April 21st and an airgraph dated July 6th. Both arrived with the same post. Says "I was at a certain place the other day (he is in the middle east), when a man drew up in a lorry for a load of the same stuff that I was collecting. He stood looking at me and I stared at him, and then he said 'I know you', and it turned out to be Jimmy Burns." In the airgraph he says that he is still seeing Jimmy very frequently. Says he was able to shew Jimmy a few N.Ls “because I had one or two later ones than he had”. Has had a letter from Mr. And Mrs. Ernest Ball of Gorse Lane. In the airgraph he says the last N.L. received was dated 25/3/41. Sends his love to all the boys, "not forgetting my friend Ernie Ball". Marine William Wright says that he is sitting in the Chaplain's room writing his letter and trying to think of something for the N.L., but just can't. Is still in the same well bombed Seaport town in the south where he has been for some considerable time now. Ends "Remember me to all the boys, and I will write again as soon as anything crops up." Dvr. Jack Robinson says "I am writing this letter in my car as I am just waiting for something to do, so I thought writing was the best plan. Says he and his mate from Chorley went fishing and caught 57 very nice fish. Says that the last leave was the best he has had since he went into the army. Next week he is going on a farm and starts work in the hay. He is still somewhere across the water. Pte Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) has been on a course and has passed his test as a driver mechanic. Had a most exciting time; was in a big blitz and was one of the rescue party and gave a hand with the A.F.S." with the Jerry plane dropping bombs all round them." Wishes to be remembered to his cousins Harry Cookson and Henry Harrison. Gunner Tom Fazackerley is in Addenbrook Hospital, Cambridge,waiting an operation and hopes to get a couple of weeks sick leave when he comes out. Says he should be in about a fortnight. Adds that he is not used to writing in bed. Last Wednesday went fishing and caught twelve roach ranging from 5 1/2 to 9 inches in length. Says that from his bed he has a good view of Cambridge and from what he can see of it is a very lovely town, (the rector thoroughly agrees). Finishes "I can’t tell you what sort of food we get in hospital because they are starving me; I believe they always do before going down for an operation,"(Well Tom, we all wish you the best and a speedy recovery). Sgn Tom Harrison has moved again and is sleeping in a tent with about a mile to walk for dinner and the same distance to get a wash. But he likes the place. Has just come out of hospital and may have to goin again soon for an operation, although just at present he is feeling very well. His Colonel has received a letter from the people of the place where his Unit was last billeted saying that they liked them so much they would like them to go back; so the Colonel was so pleased he gave the Unit a holiday to celebrate it. Finishes "remember me to my brother Bill and I hope he is getting on alright." Marine Harry Iddon sends his first letter after joining up. Has received his first N.L. and says "Somehow it seems to bring me nearer Tarleton even though I am far away:" Wishes to be remembered to his cousin Dick Johnson who is somewhere out east, and wonders if he ever sees the N.L. (Yes! cousin Dick writes home that he gets the N.L. regularly although about three months late). Wishes also to be remembered to Harry Latham. Is driving wireless trucks and likes the job "only not as much as I would like to be back driving the coal waggon." Sends his best wishes to all in Tarleton. Pte Arthur Harrison says he is guarding an aerodrome. Went to the Church Service in a very large tent last Sunday. Had a good change last week, his CSM. hearing he was a farmer, sent him on a farm to help in hoeing sugar beet. Says "it was a nice change." Is hoping to get lodgings for his wife and have her down for a week's holiday somewhere near him. Letters from Second Officer John Moss, who is on one of H. M. Transports, Pte Bert Price, Gdsn John G. Moss and Gunner John Ball held over for extracts in next week’s N.L.

Wedding Bells.
We all send our very best wishes for much happiness and a long and blessed life together to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baldwin Who were married at Fishguard on Wednesday last.

On Leave.
Very few on leave this week: Ernie Ball for seven days, Jimmy Leacy for seven days, Fred Forshaw for week end.


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