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World War II newsletter
May 27th 1941

My Dear Lads,
First of all a few items about what we are doing or are hoping to do in the village. On account of the rationing there will be no Tea Party this year as far as the Church is concerned. Instead the children will come to the Schools at 4.30 p.m. and each one will receive a shilling. There will be a short procession round part of the parish and afterwards all will proceed to the Recreation Field where Silcocks Fair Ground will be in attendance as usual. So the children should not fare too badly in spite of the war. As regards the British Legion Carnival that will probably not take place this year, but we might get up an evening "do" of some sort to take its place.
Now to more serious matters. Tonight I heard two of the Home Guard having a quiet ta1k:. Said one, "Is God on our side?“ Replied the other; “Most certainly He is, but the real question to ask is "Are we on God’s side?" Here is the whole matter in a nutshell. The whole history of religion as well as all human experience teaches us that God made man to co-operate with Him in the ordering of this world, and without that co-operation we ourselves tie the hands of God. "Are we on God's side?" really is the crucial question. Unless we pull our weight we are actually hindering God from doing for us that which He desires to do. God, I am certain, is on our side, for I regard this war as a Crusade, but no sane man would blame God for with holding the Victory until such tine as He sees us anxiously seeking His will as to how the final Victory is to be administered. Think these things out and discuss them with your mates, and all of you ask yourselves how far you are co-operating with God.
With all my love, my prayers and Blessing,
Ever your sincere brother,

Extracts from Letters.
Sergeant Jimmy Leacy, C. M. P. writes to say that he has been on a, fortnight’s course on hygiene and Sanitation. Says he would like Harry Cookson’s address. He is still billeted in a Church of England monastery. Dvr. Jimmy Burns says that he has been all over the middle east and although very nice in places still prefers England and Tarleton. Says that the N.L. still follows to most isolated places. Adds ”Please tell Mrs. Nutter and Mrs. Hambilton how happy I am to hear that Cliff and Herbert are safe." Wishes to be remembered to his brothers Tom and George, and his pals Jim Leacy, Jack Robinson, Dan Stazicker and Harry Crook. Ted Barnish says he has arrived safely in the Middle East after a long sea voyage. Is picking up the language very well although finds the local money a problem. Says that the Italian prisoners all say "Mussolini no good". So far has received no N.L's since he arrived. Pte Ernie Nicholson says he gets the N.L. and Parish Mag. regularly. Is now a dispatch rider. Adds I should be much obliged if you would convey through the N.L. my deepest sympathy with all of Mrs. Burns' family in
losing Mr. Burns, which was a great shock to me. Also adds this interesting bit, "I was in the pictures last week-end and on the News Reel I was very much surprised to see Bill Wright doing mighty work with a shovel clearing debris caused by air-raids in that town where he is billeted." (Bill Wright and others will please note however, our most secret doings are apt to come to light in most unexpected places). A. C. Robert. Moss (Sparks in R.A.F.) says he has a lot of night work to do, especially when it is fine. Has mated up with a lad from Heywood near Lancaster. A. C.2 William Sutton writes to say that the weather where he is in the South of England is so good that he goes swimming on Saturdays if it is possible to get out of camp. Gets the N.L. regularly and wishes to be remembered to all the lads in the village. Tpr. Ralph Whitehead writes to say that he was sorry not to have seen the Rector when he called but he was out with pack-horses. Says last Sunday H. V. Morton called on him and his brother Harry and asked them to tell the Rector that he had seen them; Adds "More people are going to Church since the new padre came”. Vol. Martha West, who now has a stripe up; is working hard for her next exam. and says she is going to work a nice tablecloth to raffle for the Soldiers' Comforts Fund. Wishes to be remembered to all the Tarleton lads. Pte George Almond, late of Croston (married Sally Tindsley) sends a very interesting letter in spite of the fact that the censor has cut great chunks out of it with a pair of scissors. Says he is somewhere in Egypt and adds "somewhere is the right word." He thoroughly enjoyed "crossing the line" which was celebrated with gusto and he got a good ducking. Says the coinage problem is a real one. Has a Cinema where he is, at which very much used films are shown. Whilst on board with several others from his Unit conducted short services on Sundays and also on one evening during the week. Pte Billy Parkinson says he really did enjoy being home for the weekend. The place where he is billeted is packed full of foreigners. Is still at a motor engineering school learning to do repair work. Went last Sunday to St. Peter's, Belgrave Square, a Church the Rector knows very well indeed - girls in the Choir with surplices and college squares, but he says he still prefers Church at Tarleton. Who does not?

Local Gossip
Tom Spencer, Curacy House, is joining the Navy. Mere Brow folk had two Social Evenings and raised £11 to buy a wireless for some soldiers billeted somewhere in the North West. The Bishop of Blackburn is preaching in the Parish Church on Sunday evening next, Whitsunday. Tomatoes are now fetching 5/- to 7/6 per lb. wholesale and several Tarleton growers have quite a lot ready for market at this price. Lettuce 4/ - per doz. Spring onions 8d to 1/ - per doz. Capt. Fred Croft sends a very interesting letter home from his ship which is on the way to the East. Corpl. Frank Foster also sends a letter home from his ship also going east. Also a cablegram arrives today, Tuesday, saying that he has arrived safely at his destination. With him in the same ship is Sapper Dick Johnson. Hubert Tindsley who is "somewhere in Central Africa" writes home to say that he has been promoted Corporal. The Banns of Marriage between Dick Burns and Doris Kay (sister to his brother Jimmy’s wife) are to be called in Church on Sunday next for the first time. The Cinema Show which Mrs. Knight kindly gave at the Queen’s Cinema last Thursday for the Mothers' Union Comforts Fund brought in £12. 10s. Altar Servers will be interested to know that the Guild Service is be held in Holy Cross Church, Blackpool, on WhitMonday. Preacher, Archdeacon Newman. Engineer Officer Johnny Hague has returned to his ship after his month's leave when his last ship was torpedoed and sunk.

Rufford News.
The following Rufford lads have been on leave;- Tom Bridge, (Brother of William Bridge, married to Phyllis Dandy), Bill Griffin, G. Edge R.A.F. (Son of Schoolmaster). Billie Stazicker, Jim Johnson, Fred Burton, Hugh Southworth, all in R.A.F. Mr. and Mrs. Pilkington (basket makers, Holmes Wood,) died within a few days of each other. Mrs Lyons, Post Office, Holmeswood has also passed away. Tarleton A.F. Service gave a demonstration of fire fighting at Rufford Schools last week and attracted a large crowd of sightseers. As a result about 40 men enrolled in the Rufford A.F.S. Bob Townsley has just finished seven days' leave, and says he likes receiving the Tarleton N.L. We thank Mr. Bert Marsden for supplying this Rufford news.

Have you filled in the stamped and addressed p.c. which the Rector sent you last week? It really is most important for you to do so if you wish to receive the N.L. regularly. The present address book was found to be very out-of-date then the Rector went on his tour to see the lads. If you keep the Rector up to date with your address you will receive the N.L. each week, without delay.

Tall Story.
We cannot vouch for the truth of this story. A farmer member of the Home Guard saw a perfect stranger looking over the door while he was milking the cows.

Said the farmer:- What are you doing prowling round here?
Said the stranger:- I was just looking in to see the milkmaid.
Replied the farmer:- Well, you will be disappointed, we don't make our milk here, we get it straight from the cow.

On Leave.
Just to remind you that the Rector does appreciate the courtesy
of a call from lads when they are home on leave. This week's
leave. Corpl Fred Forshaw for week-end. Billy Molyneux for
fortnight on finishing training course in R.A.F. Bert Price
for seven days. Tom Fazackerley for seven days. L/C Martha
Price for Sunday. Ronnie Melling, Leslie Hodson, Tom Tindsley, all returned this week to Units.


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