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Tarleton Rectory
March 15th 1941

My dear Friends,
Mothering Sunday, this year, has a very special, and much wider, significance for us.
Our Motherland has nurtured and reared us, and has given us of her best. Some of her sons and daughters have left home to seek their fortunes in lands afar off, in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, but she is still their Mother and they her children, and we their brethren, for a child does not cease to belong to the home merely because it has gone father afield to seek a living. To others, such as those who dwell in India, Burma, Central Africa and the Islands of the Pacific she has been a veritable foster mother. And now, evil forces from without are seeking to destroy our Home and rob us of our Motherland.
It was fitting, therefore, that the King, as head of this great family, should call upon all his faithful subjects to make intercession to Almighty God on Mothering Sunday on behalf of our Motherland.
And all who value the privilege of being members of this great and kindly Empire will assuredly do so.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, as the Patriarch of our Mother church, has voiced the King's desire, and, at the end of his appeal, says "Everywhere, of course, the centre of all our worship and prayers and thanksgivings will be the Holy Eucharist."
Such a reminder was to be expected from the Metropolitan of our Mother Church, for the Holy Eucharist is not only a perpetual memorial of the supreme sacrifice inspired by Love, it is also the greatest act of worship that the redeemed can offer their Redeemer; for it is the willing obedience to His command "Do This in remembrance of Me." It is even still more than this, for it is the means whereby the creature can link himself to the Creator, the Source of all real Life.
This is what our Lord meant when He said, "As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father; so he that eateth Me, even he shall live by Me". Read again the sixth chapter of St. John's Gospel where all this is explained very fully.
There, as the Archbishop says, everyone should be present at Holy Communion on this day. It is the family Service.
I have already written to all the lads away reminding them that their parents will be in the family Church at home at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning and asking them to make their Communions at the same time wherever they may be if it is at all possible. Thus ,we shall all meet in the most sacred Heart of Jesus our Lord; and where else would we meet on such a day.
As we come to the end of the day upon which our thoughts have been fixed upon our Empire, our Country, our Village and our Home, we shall assuredly desire to finish it in our Father’s House and return thanks for the blessings that the membership of each one of these has brought to us.
I know the very great pleasure that it has given us all to have our own Bishop with us on such an occasion; for he is the Head, the Father of our Diocesan family. The Bishop will preach at Evensong, as you will see from your Card, and will lead us in our acts of praise and intercession for God’s continued blessing upon us and ours. It would be impossible to find a more suitable finish to such a day.
So come, as complete families, let not one be absent; to the family Communion at 8 in the morning; and then come again in the evening to the family prayers and thanksgiving.

With every blessing I am able to bestow,
Ever your affectionate brother,


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