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World War II newsletter
January 28th 1941

My dear lads
Here is the poem that Harry Price has sent me, but whether it is his own composition or not he does not say. However, it so exactly expresses my own feelings, and I think the feelings of us all, that I send it on to you, just as I received it.

Friend of my heart, we walk no more the roads we loved so well,
And when we'll pass that way again, alas! I cannot tell.
Perhaps we never shall again retrace that old familiar path
Or share our hopes and thoughts and dreams, beside a cosy hearth;
But somewhere we shall fall in step, and swing into our stride,
And find another road to travel, for the world is wide,
Just wait! though Fate now guides our steps down strangely winding ways,
I know that we are being led to bright and happier days.

Extracts from Letters.
Sapper Dick Johnson writes cheerfully to say that his Company which a short time ago were near the North Pole and have now come down to Scotland may be coming to England shortly. Attended a farewell party given by Dutch airmen and enjoyed it. Has been innoculated, was very ill, but is now much better. L/Cpl. Harry Price, please note the promotion (we congratulate you, Harry), says the chief snag in promotion is sewing stripes on suits and his thumb is already like a pincushion. Wishes us to give his kind regards to all the lads and especially Hubert Tindsley in Africa. Sends some verses which we give elsewhere. Dvr. Tommy Burns has now moved to more congenial billets, nice and warm and good food and pictures with a canteen handy. Wishes to thank Miss Altys Class and the M. U. for gifts received, wishes also to be remembered to all the Tarleton lads. Pte. Jack Parker, R.A.M.C. (Liverpool) says he slipped home last week and found his home still intact. Has made his billet room very comfortable with some old car seats. Asks us to give his kind regards to all his Tarleton -friends. Dvr. Walter Moss has also been innoculated. His lot broadcast a concert on Friday night last. Wishes to be remembered to all the lads overseas, and to thank Miss. Alty's Class and B.L. (Women's Section) for gifts received. Hopes to be home on leave very soon now. Frank McKean, Royal Navy, says he is writing in the quietness of the mess room on board his ship. Pays a high tribute to his Chaplain, says of him "We have a very fine Chaplain and one who is easily understood throughout the Services, he talks to Officers and men alike in a language all cannot fail to understand," finishes "please express my good wishes and happy hunting to all lads from our grand village, and tell the Lads who are serving overseas I hope to meet them in time to join in a Victory Roll." L/Cpl.George Barker has now a new address. House the size of Bank Hall, built by a millionaire racehorse owner, river like the Douglas runs by front door, "at the rear of the building is the estates own loch and woods, rich with game which I think would just suit those Hesketh Bank and Tarleton 'fleeters'." Birthplace of Robert Bruce. Hopes to be home soon to see his newly born son. Gdsn. Aubrey Smith has now gone into the Motor Transport Section. Has now a new address. Says they have had some bad snowstorms where he is in the very South of England. Trooper Al Barnish sends a really good photo. Says his Padre wishes to be remembered to the Rector, who knows him. Tells the same story of snowbound roads and difficult travelling. A/C. Robert Moss says that snow is very nice to see - on a Christmas Card. His camp have braziers going all night, and the lads have drawn for two hour shifts to keep it well stoked up. Adds "Things at school are much the same and it should not be long now before I pass out. Then I shall be able to put my 'sparks' badge up."

On Leave.
Tom Harrison (Kearsley) for 7 days, Bert Price for 7 days, Harry Rigby and John Pickervance, both R. A. F. and both for 48 hrs., John Harrison, R.A.V.C., Blackgate Lane, for 7 days. Harry Crook for 7 days, Harry Latham for 7 days, Arthur Harrison 7 days.

Please Note.
We welcome items of interest for insertion in the N.L. So if you have any interesting detail that you think will be of interest to the other lads will you please send it along and we shall be glad to insert it. The main object of the N.L. is to keep all the lads in touch with each other and with their village while they are away.

We are still short of a few photos of lads who are away. It rather spoils our gallery. So if you are one of those who have not so far supplied the Rector with one will you be so good as to put this right at your early convenience. Everyone sent is framed and placed in the window sills of the Lady Chapel in Church so that all may see it.

Dropping a Brick.
Jones was nothing if not gallant, but he was one of those who always said the wrong thing. Mrs.Brown who was exactly the same age as her husband, but would not admit it, was entertaining some friends to tea, Jones being among them. "My husband is forty", she was saying, "you would not believe it but there is actually ten years difference our ages." "Impossible!" interposed Jones, anxious to say something agreeable, "I am sure you look every bit as young as he does."

Some people, said the restaurant-keeper, sadly, seem to look upon spoons and forks as medicine - to be taken after meals.

Local Gossip.
Dollie Iddon married to Arthur Harrison of Bretherton at Tarleton Parish Church on Saturday. Reception and wedding breakfast at Garlick's. Bridegroom on 7 days' leave. John Wright, R.A.O.C., eldest son of Widow Wright, Kearsley Avenue, is in hospital in Scotland. He has had to have a toe taken off. A chimney fell on it and crushed it. He is doing well. Jim Hodgkinson who married Elizabeth Wright has been discharged from the Army owing to ill-health. Jimmy Coulton of Walmer Bridge was married at Bretherton last Wednesday. He is now back on duty. Mrs. Benjamin has given 4 ropes of onions to the Comforts Funds in the village, one each to Mothers' Union and Conservatives and two to the British Legion (Women's Section). Hesketh Bank Home Guard played Bank Hall at Football, at H.B. on Saturday. The result was a draw - 2 goals apiece. On Sunday morning Tarleton H.G. practised bayonet drill on the Rectory top lawn. Jimmy Forshaw from the Moss has passed his medical A1. Frank Caunce, Mere Brow, joins the R.A.F. on Friday; wants to be a rear gunner. Preston War Savings week this week; already nearly £1,000,000 has been given. All shops in Preston are shewing German parachutes, incendiary bombs, and all kinds of German war paraphenalia including a yellow nosed Messerschmitt in the Market Square, are on show. The Rector addressed the Hesketh Lane Methodist Fireside Circle on Monday evening. The Rector's car has broken down and will be off the road for a week. Those on night trains to Preston can still telephone him at the Rectory and he will ask Mr. Robert Rowland to come in to Preston and fetch them. Hubert Tindsley writes home to say that he still gets the N.L. quite regularly in the very centre of Africa. It also has quite a good circulation in Lybia. Mr. Freeman the assistant master at the Council School joined the R.A.F. last week as we recorded and has been sent back for 3 weeks in order to complete the school gardening scheme. Miss Alty's Bible Class are having a social on Feb. 7th and the M.U. one on Feb.14th both on behalf of their Comforts' Fund. Matt. Farington is expected home next week, and his brother Jimmy who is in the western desert has been in hospital but is now back on duty.


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