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World War II newsletter
January 7th 1941

Letters from Cliff Hambilton.
Letters are now coming through fairly regularly from Clifford Hambilton, prisoner of war in Germany. He says that he is working as a fitter; has to start work at 4a.m. and work very long hours. He works every day of the week except Sunday, which is given up entirely to cleaning workshop and camp and washing his personal belongings. He complains of being short of good underclothing, but otherwise is quite contented and is making the best of things. He has with him, in the same camp a Preston lad named Wood who is in the Guards and whose home is at Lane End. He would like a few letters from his friends and asks them to write. As he, himself, is only allowed to write one letter and three postcards per month, and as these must, quite naturally, be reserved for his parents and young lady, he cannot reply. There is no limit to the number of letters he can receive, so please write and cheer him up. Letters should be addressed as follows:-
At the top of the envelope, in block capitals, put:-

L/CPL C. Hambilton 13691,
Stalag VIII. B. Germany.

Thank you for writing.

Extracts from Letters.
Pte. Ernie Nicholson says, as do so many others, that he had quite a good Christmas dinner - and free cigarettes. Also says that he had hoped to be home for Christmas but as many another lad has also said "the C. O. thought otherwise", but hopes to be home by Jan. 18th. Enjoyed the Christmas News Letter. Gdsn. Arthur Molyneux, who got married on his last four days' leave says "it is such a bother when you are in the Forces"; adds, "I think I shall be home in five or six weeks' time, then I will come down and see you, for I shall not be getting married again." Wishes us to thank through the N.L. the British Legion Ladies and the Young Women's Bible Class for Christmas gifts received. Robert Moss R.A.F. says he had Christmas Day as a holiday with turkey for his dinner. Says he also enjoyed the good fare provided by our Christmas double number. Thanks the Young Women's Bible Class for their gift. Sapper Dick Johnson has now returned from near the North Pole to "Somewhere in Scotland". Came across the ocean on a ship very well known to many of our holiday makers, on Boxing Day. Says "We had a smashing Christmas dinner" - turkey, pork, potatoes, greens, cigarettes, sweets, and beer if you wanted it. Says next week his lot start physical training at 6-30 a.m. A/C.2 Davies (better known as Mr. Davies the Liverpool schoolmaster who has been with us since the outbreak of war), asks us to thank the Mothers' Union for gifts. Says "My sixteen months spent at Tarleton were happy ones indeed". Has as his room-mate Billy Iddon, from Hesketh. Adds "Food is good and plentiful", and also gives the interesting item that his Pilot Officer is Major Metcalf, nicknamed "'Fruity", one time equerry to the Duke of Windsor. Gnr.Sign. Tom Harrison wishes us to thank the M. U. and the Bible Class for the very nice presents duly received. Says all his Battery got invited out to tea by different people on Christmas Day in the small village where they are. Had a top-top Christmas dinner. Adds that he has to pay 6d for a bath and does his own washing. (No! he's not in Scotland). Wishes all the people of Tarleton a Happy New Year. Tpr. Ted Barnish is still in England, although still equipped to go further afield. Says when he tried on his Eastern kit one of his mates said "No wonder the Italians are retreating when they see us dressed like that." Adds "I look like a Mexican cowboy with short pants on." Adds "I wakened every body up in our room at 1 minute past twelve on New Year's Day and wished them a happy New Year. They didn't half give it me this morning when they woke up." Gdsn. Harry Crook wishes to thank the Bible Class and the British Legion Women for their very acceptable gifts. Had good but quiet Christmas with plenty to eat. Sends his best wishes to all and adds that he may be home soon. Pte. Parker (Hesketh Lane) has been kept busy over Christmas clearing up the aftermath of Hitler's Blitz in a N.E. town. On duty all Christmas Day and also on New Year's Eve. Wishes us to thank the M.U. for the money they sent and says that some of his Regiment's mail was lost in the Blitz. Wishes all in Tarleton a very happy New Year.

Home on Leave.
L/Cpl. Fred Forshaw, as stated in "Local Gossip",. Corpl. Ernie Ball for 7 days. Engineer A.C. Roger Watson, (Moss Lane) home for 14 days on completing his full course in the R.A.F. engineering schools. L/Cpl. William 'Wilson, (Beech House), Military Police, for 7 days. A.C. Harry Rigby for 48 hours. A/C. 2 Robert Moss for 48 hours. Dvr. Ronnie Iddon compassionate leave on the death of mother. Ronnie Sergeant, whom last week we gave wrongly as being in the Gordons, while he is, of course, in that famous Scots Regt. the H.L.I. He arrived in Tarleton 7 days' leave in Tartan trous and glorious glengarry. Pte.Ernie Nicholson, who really is in the Gordon
Highlanders, on 7 days' leave, his Colonel having had, we suppose, second thoughts (see extracts from letters). Corpl. Austin Barton on 7 days. Abram Wright for 48 hrs.

Local Gossip.
We have to thank the members of the Mothers' Union for gift of over £2 towards the cost of producing this weekly letter. Last week we reported the death of Mr. Harry Coulton (Surrey), Gorse Lane. His wife died two days after, on Sunday, and they were both buried together on Thursday. Mr. James Coulton, Hesketh Lane, opposite the Council School, died on Monday, and is to be buried on Friday. L/Cpl. Fred Forshaw returned from 4 days' honeymoon leave on Sunday to London to find the school he was attending in the City burned down so returned home for 5 days while other accommodation is being found. Corpl. Ernie Ball came home with Mr. Harry Singleton, brother of Roger, of H.M.S. Buses. Harry is an ex-soldier and is employed as a civilian clerk in Ernie's Barracks. He has not been home to Croston for many years. The Banns were called on Sunday of Dollie Iddon, Smithy Houses, Sollom, to Arthur Harrison of Bretherton. For the seventeenth time in succession the Rector looked in at midnight at the New Year's Dance in the Schools and wished all his parishioners every Blessing during the year in front of us. Record attendance, but Rector missed his many lads away. Gerry Pendlebury went back from short leave last week and found his billet burned to the ground. He lost all his belongings including p.o. for 2/6 sent by Miss Alty's Bible Class. Mrs.Richard Iddon, mother of Ronnie, died on Saturday night just before Ronnie arrived home. Funeral on 'Wednesday. Skating took place on Canal on Saturday and Sunday; all the ponds were bearing days ago. Mr.& Mrs. Peters and Guild of Players produced an excellent Pantomime, entitled "Simple Simon", in the Schools on Friday night. Crowded attendance; made over £14 for Red Cross. Mr. James Taylor, Marshes Lane, Mere Brow, died on Monday. Funeral Friday. :Ambulance First Aid Party had social in Mission Room, Hesketh Lane, now commandeered as their Headquarters, on Boxing Day. Beetle Drive chief attraction. They have not been called out for a fortnight. Tarleton W.V.S. Red Cross Sewing Party have made 600 articles and have raised £200 since first formed. Mr.J. Wilson, late Headmaster of Hesketh Bank School, died at Preston aged 82 years. L/Cpl. John Tindsley, please note the promotion, has embarked for the East.

Rufford News.
Jack Griffin has been home on sick leave, but is now back with Unit. Cpl. Jack Bourne has been home on convalescent sick leave after being in hospital. Has now returned to his Unit. Raymond Caunce home for 48 hrs. John Lea for 7 days. William Millar and Winston Wragg, both of Holmeswood, have now joined up. Rufford and Holmeswood raised £33 for Spitfire Fund, and over £18 for Earl Haig's Fund by sale of poppies.

Rector's Note.
Last of all comes a reminder from the Rector that he has not yet received the photographs of all the lads away. `W'ill those who have not sent him a photo please fill the gaps. May God bless you all and keep you safe.


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