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World War II newsletter
December 30th 1940

Rector's Letter
This will be the first News Letter of the New Year and so I take this opportunity of wishing you, one and all, every Blessing for the days that lie ahead; and I can assure you, though you do not need any assurance, that my continual prayers are for your safety and welfare. The prophet Joel says "Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions", and as we stand together at the gate of the New Year I appreciate more than ever the full meaning of this. I am now an old man, but I still dream dreams of a glorious future, of a goodly heritage that you are fighting for that you may bequeath it to your children. I shall probably never see it, but I can, and I do, dream of it. Your part is to see the vision of that glorious future and to determine that come what may you will turn it into a reality. A proverb says "Where there is no vision the people perish". So open the gate of the New Year and look far into the future and see a goodly heritage which you by the grace of God and by your efforts can win for the generations yet for to come. And take for your motto "It all depends upon me and I depend upon God." I can wish you no better New Year wish than that you see as you open the New year's gate, the vision of the City of God, the New Jerusalem rising from the ruins of this present world and bestowing Light and Freedom and Love upon those who occupy it and that you are granted the determination to attain it. With all my love and my Blessing,

Extracts from Letters.
A/C.Roger Watson (Moss Lane) sits for his final exam. (oral) this week and we all wish him every success. Says he heard that turkey is on the Menu for Christmas Day and the N.C.O.s are to wait upon the privates at table. Adds that he spends all his time in the workshops. Expects to get 14 days' leave on or about Jan. 3rd. Pte. James Latham sends a word of thanks for the N.L. and wishes to be remembered to all the Tarleton lads away. Says they all feel very grateful for the love and kindness showered upon them. Sapper Dick Johnson writes from very near the North Pole and asks us to thank the Mothers' Union for the Christmas gift. Says he does not expect to be home for "quite a bit yet", and so takes the opportunity of using the N.L. to wish all his friends a prosperous New Year. Last Sunday attended the first Church Parade he could get to since coming back from France. Only a percentage are allowed off for the service and he was one of the lucky ones this time. Robert Moss (R.A.F.) says that he thinks that the N.L. is the only way of obtaining such a lot of news in so small a space. Says he has had two Christmas parcels from home packed with food, chocs. and cigarettes and adds, "So I guess I shall not be going hungry next week at least." L/Cpl. George Barker has been promoted to Ration Corporal and says he meets Gdsn. Harry Crook nearly every day at the Ration warehouse; has also found the hiding places of a few more local lads but he does not give their names. Says the lads in his Company look like getting a good Christmas feed because quite half of them have been asked out to their Christmas dinner and so the remainder will get a double share. Corpl.Ernie Ball asks us to thank the ladies Bible Class for the very nice 2/6 P.O. Had both Turkey and Pork for Christmas dinner. Hopes to be home on Dec. 31st for seven days. Writes on Christmas Day and says he is carrying on with his usual day's work, but seven days next week will make up for it. Pte. Jack Parker (R.A.M.C.) of Liverpool sends an interesting letter. He also writes on Christmas Day and says "I have just had the pleasure and honour of serving at Holy Communion." Also adds "We have an hour's discussion with our Padre every week during parade hours. Our Major thought of the idea. - It is not compulsory to be present but all the Company except two R.Cs attend". To that we add "Other Majors, please copy:". We shall be pleased to receive the photograph of himself if he will send it along. Rfn. Charlie Wright, Mere Brow & Sollom) says that the worst part of the Army is getting up in the morning. Says that he is getting the Scotch twang off very nicely and that they get lots of route marches right up in the hills. Adds "there is nothing but hills here". Sign.Tom Tindsley is near London and sends best of good New Year wishes to all the lads away. Says he must have received as much or more Christmas correspondence and gifts as any in the Forces. Was invited to spend Christmas Day with a very charming family. Adds that he thanks God for many blessings.

Christmas Cards.
The Rector thanks the following for sending him Christmas Cards, most of them with 'the Regimental Crest; and all very nice ones.
Lieutenants Frank and Arthur Croft; 2nd Lieut. Eric Hind; Sergeant Stanley Baldwin, Corpl.Jack Bourne; Corpl.Ernie Ball; Gdsn. Aubrey Smith; Pte. James Latham; Troopers Harry and Ralph Whitehead; Pte.Kenneth Robshaw; Dvr. Thomas Burns; Pte. Jack Parker; Pte. Harry Cookson; The Officers, W.0s, N.C.Os and men of the Movement Control Ports; The Chaplain to the 21st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment R.A; Pte. Ronnie Sergeant (Gordon Highlanders); Pte. T. A. Harrison (Army Vetinerary Corps); A.C. Billy Benjamin, with excellent photo.

Christmas Leave.
L/Cpl.Fred Forshaw arrived home on Christmas Day, was married on Boxing Day, reception at Rectory afterwards, spent honeymoon somwhere north of Lancaster, returned to duty on Sunday. Captain Fred Croft on short leave. Lieut. Eric.Hind for few days' embarkation leave. Pte. Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) for seven days. A.C. Jimmy Parkinson for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Marine Kenneth Nicholson for seven days. Sapper Ronnie Melling on very short hitch hike. Corpl. Jimmy Leacy for seven days, Dvr. Joe Wait for seven days, Dvr. Harry Price for seven days; Airman Billie Molyneux for 48 hours, A.C. Bert Barron for seven days and A.C. Harry Rigby for a few hours. Gunner Dan Stazicker for 24 hours.

Bide a Wee.
Though the times be dark and dreary,
Though the way may be long,
Keep your spirits bright and cheery -
"Bide a Wee, and dinna weary"
Is a heartsome song.

All the photos of lads away with one or other of H.M. Forces which have so far been sent to the Rector have been put in very nice frames and placed in the windows in Church. So far they number over 50; and we should like one from every lad away from the village. Will those who so far have not sent one to the Rector please make good the deficiency as soon as possible.

Local Gossip.
Mr. Thomas Coulton (Surrey), Gorse Lane, died on Friday aged 81 years. His wife is seriously ill. Jimmy Farrington (grandson of Mr.James Whittle, Coe Lane) is in hospital in Egypt, slightly wounded. Frank Marsden (late Moss Lane) is now the landlord of the Legh Arms, Mere Brow; both the Church and the Chapel held their Sunday School Tea Parties on Saturday; the Tarleton Guild of Players, under the guidance of Mr. T.I. Peters, B.A., and Mrs. Peters, B.A., produce a new pantomime entitled "Simple Simon" in the C.E. Schools on Friday evening. New Year's Eve will see the usual dance in the Schools; The Home Guard paraded at the Chapel on Sunday afternoon; The Police have stopped "Fleeting" on Hesketh Marsh between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m; it would never do to have a Home Guard shot in mistake for a wild goose. Bank Hall played Devitt's at Billiards and Devitt's won. Tarleton H.G. played Hesketh Bank H.G. at soccer on Saturday. The result was a draw. Two goals each. Nick Latham and Harold Aspey scored the two goals for the Tarleton team. William Sutton (Blackgate Lane) has just called on the Rector to say "Goodbye for the present"; he joins the R.A.F. as a flight mechanic tomorrow. Ernie Ball is expected home for seven days' leave tomorrow, New Year's Eve. With him is coming Roger Singleton's brother who lives very close to Ernie's barracks.

Rector's Regrets.
The Rector is very sorry indeed to find that several lads are still diffident about ringing him up to fetch them home when they arrive in Preston in the very early hours of the morning. Will everyone please take note that it gives the Rector great pleasure to render this small service. His telephone number is Hesketh Bank 230, so when you land in Preston at a time when the 'buses are not running go straight to the R.T.O's Office and ring up; or one of Captain Russel's staff will ring up for you.



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