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World War II newsletter
December 10th 1940

Rector's Letter.

My dear Lads,
It has given me the very greatest pleasure, as, of course, you all know that it would, to find that almost without exception every Church lad as he comes on leave comes to his parish church and makes his Communion in the early hours of Sunday morning. This is as it should be for as you make for your earthly father's house, so also should you make for the house of your Heavenly Father. We in our small village are all one family and we like to have our lads home on leave with us in our Father's House and sharing with us that great and holy Feast which our Saviour Christ has prepared for us. We really do feel, that we are one family, very members one of another when we kneel side by side around the Holy Table. And I also do appreciate very much indeed that fact that all my lads pay me a call at the Rectory when on leave, and this applies to the Methodists and the Roman Catholics as well as to the Church lads, for they all do me the honour of a visit and I thank them all for so honouring me.
With very best love and every blessing, Ever your affectionate brother,

Extracts from Letters.
Gdsm. George Burns says "I would rather miss my pay than miss the N.L. and so would all the other boys. '' Says he is now in the motor transport; says "Please tell Bert Price that my challenge to a football match still holds good, we have never been beaten yet." Also wishes to thank the women of Tarleton for the woollen comforts which he finds very warm. Seaman William Ball (H.B.) sends a letter from his ship dated Oct. 25th. Says he is now at sea in very rough weather, but expects before his letter arrives in Tarleton to be in a warmer climate and get a few hours' sun bathing. Says he still gets the N.L. regularly and wishes to be remembered to Gdsn. Hugh Abram and wishes him all the luck it is possibls to get. Marine Kenneth Nicholson says "I shall most likely be home for Christmas unless my ship pokes its nose over the horizon"; says he hopes. Bill Wright will find the Marines as fine a life as he has done; and adds that some of his pals were on the Ship that beat the Italians; finishes with saying "I would be grateful if you would wish all the lads 'A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS' wherever they may be." Airman Robert Moss , is now going in for an Air Gunner's course, and if he passes his exam will be posted to a Squadron. L/cpl. Fred Forshaw is still in his posh London Hotel with twelve other soldiers and 8 civilian guests, although the house next door was demolished a few days ago. Says his course covers an immense ground but he thinks he is holding his own very successfully. Hubert Tindsley is still in the African jungle and says that the N.L. and the Parish Magazine arrive there quite regularly; so we may soon have the natives ordering them regularly every month. Also says that one of his pals has a pet monkey that follows him about like a dog; has up-to-date concerts, bright and cheerful Church Services on Sundays, football matches and everything to make one forget that one is not in Tarleton. Dvr. Noel Clark, who is in a motor boat patrol is comfortably housed in a quiet fishing village somewhere on the South coast. He still does a bit of boxing and still goes by the name of "Nobby". - Says the N.L. dated Oct. 29th has only just reached him "it has been all over the place and even went to Blackpool". Harry Price sends a joke which we are reserving for our Christmas number. He wishes to be remembered t0 Hubert Tindsley, Jim Burns, Tom Tindsley and his brother Bert who has not written to him for a fortnight. Says his leave is not due until Dec. 30th.

Home on Leave.
Edgar Wait, now a full Sergeant, home on leave for seven days; Stanley Baldwin, also a full Sergeant in the Artillery home for seven days; A.C.2 Jimmy Parkinson home for the week-end; Edward and Alec Barnish (Hoole) managed to get their leave together. Ronnie Iddon home for seven days, has gone to a new place. Airman Robert Moss for 48 hrs. Engineer Officer Johnny Hague's ship has arrived safely in Port and he is home for 4 days.

Local Gossip.
Dvr. Jack Robinson returning from leave had to wait two days in special billets before he could set sail owing to a storm; Stanley Johnson (Hesketh Bank) was with him. Tarleton Home Guard has been put into a different company with Captain Chadwicik (Longton) commanding our Company. Mr. Dean and Mr. James Melling are still commanding our Section. Mr. Albert Rawsthorne (Mount Pleasant, Sollom), is in a Liverpool hospital and has to undergo an operation. Robert Moss (Hesketh Lane) is now just finishing his course for wireless operator on aeroplanes. Dick Harrison (Kearsley Avenue) has been called up and goes on Thursday and Clarence Iddon, Hesketh Bank, also goes on the same day. Mrs. Alice Thompson (Alice Iddon is in Preston Infirmary and may have to undergo an operation. Norah Fowler is to be married on Wednesday Dec.18th. John Coulton (Sollom) is moving into the house in Coe Lane vacated by Highams. Corpl. Jack Bourse is in Hospital but hopes to be out soon when he will probably get convalescent leave. There was an accident at Bank Bridge last Sunday; a small car ran into an obstruction. Tom Johnson, son of Richard Johnson, Carr Lane, who is married and lives at Wigan, joins up on Thursday.

Our Thanks.
Both the Rector and all the lads away have to thank Mrs. Philip Barron senr. for a donation of £1 towards the cost of sending the News Letter each week to every Tarleton lad in H.M. Forces. This help is much appreciated, for as more lads go off each week so does the cost of sending the N.L. increase. And the lads really do like to receive the letter and know what the other lads are doing. As we have stated elsewhere the letter follows the lads wherever they are, and is delivered to them in the jungle and desert, on Iceland's snow-capped mountains and at ports of call throughout the world.

Parish Magazine.
As we stated in our last issue the number of N.Ls sent each week is so great that we cannot possibly afford the additional expense of sending the Magazine each month as well. If those lads who would like to receive it will write to their parents, or other friends, and ask them to give the Rector or Miss Evelyn Webster 3/-, the Magazine will be sent them regularly each month for a year wherever they may be. This sum will include postage.

Christmas Number.
We will do our best to get our Christmas Number out in good time. We hope to make it a double number, containing all the latest news in addition to a little real Christmas fare.

Although a great number of lads have sent the Rector their photos in uniform there are 'still a few lacking from his gallery. He would greatly value the kindness if those who have not so far sent him a photo would do so as soon as possible.

This week's story.
A parishioner once said to his Vicar who was extremely fond of his pipe: "Sir, I fear you make an idol of tobacco."
Replied the Vicar:- "I fear I do, but you see for yourself that I am burning it."

Competition Off.
Kenneth Nicholson writes to say that the Competition we mentioned in a recent issue offering a prize for the letter coming from the farthest corner of the globe is a little unfair to men serving in H.M Navy who are not allowed to say where they are. We quite agree and so this competition is off.


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