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World War II newsletter
November 26th 1940

My dear Lads,
Here first of all is quite a good Army smiler to cheer you up.
Recruit: Sergeant, can a man be punished for something he has not done?
Sergeant: Don't be foolish me lad, of course he cannot.
Recruit: Well, I haven't cleaned my rifle.

And now to more serious matters:-
I do hope that you will think seriously of my suggestion made a fortnight ago, that you find a few kindred souls and ask the Chaplain, or the Vicar of the Parish in which you are billeted, to have a short discussion class once a week. A moments thought and you will agree that some short time every week should be given to more serious matters. And you will soon come to enjoy such short talks as I have suggested. Find the kindred souls, talk it over with them, and then go together to the Chaplain. He will undoubtedly let you choose the subject to discuss. With my love and all my prayers,
Ever your sincere friend,

Extracts from Letters.
Dvr. Jack Robinson, now batman and chauffeur to his Chaplain, drives him about Ireland to take Services and likes his job. Had a big Parade Service in one of Ireland's biggest Churches last Sunday. Wishes to be remembered to Ted Barnish and Bert Price. Sergt. Edgar Wait (please note the promotion - congratulations, Edgar, from us all) says he is the youngest Sergeant in his Company; he was made Sergt. on the day before his 20th birthday; sends his best wishes to all Tarleton lads. Sapper George Barker (Hoole), says he started off to visit the Rector when last on leave but it rained so hard he never got there. Says his Company get "clayed up" to the neck every day, and that Jerry is keeping very quiet at his end of the world. A/C2 Robert Moss (Hesketh Lane), has now passed several exams and hopes to pass out soon; says he enjoyed his 48 hrs leave. Pte. Harry Latham says he sees a lot of Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) and gets P. T. every morning on the sands. Adds "We have grand billets and good food, electric lights and H. & C. so we cannot grumble." His Calligraphy (High-falutin word for good hand writing) surpasses itself in this letter. Gunner John Rimmer (Hesketh Lane) says he has now gone to the coldest town in Scotland"; adds "we would like our route marches to be where there are not so many hills and heather to be seen"; wishes to be remembered to Fred Tiffen, Joe Power and John Cropper. Adds that the "Scotch Command says we are the best medium artillery in Scotland." Gunner Tom Harrison has now done his training and has flags on his arm; says Margaret Lockwood the film star is coming to his camp to see her husband who is training in his Camp. Says "remember me to all the Tarleton lads". Our sincere congratulation to Corporal Ernie Ball on his well deserved promotion which he informs us has been dated back to August. Has already attended Corporals' smoking concert - 2/6 supper, free fags, and his Barrack's Swing Band in attendance - and says he had a pleasant evening. Trooper Ted Barnish is on draft for the middle East and asks "how shall I go on about the News Letter when I am so far away; will you keep on sending it?" We certainly shall Ted. Says he is expecting draft leave almost at once and promises the Rector a visit. Pte. Ken Ogden (Hoole) sends his new address which is near the East coast, says he hopes to get Christmas leave and gives the welcome news that his father is much better. AC2 Bert Barron sends a short letter but makes up for it by enclosing his photo, says everything is quiet where he is in the South. Gdsn. Arthur Molyneux says they have Concerts abut three times a week - "some of them are very good but most of them are very weak." wants the addresses of Charlie Wright and Stanley Baldwin.

Rufford News.
Bruce Forshaw home for seven days says Rufford seems a city compared to where he is stationed. James Sharrock returned to his unit after 7 days leave. The following lads have now joined up: Thomas Halton, Clark Lingard, Dawson Parsons, Robert Halsall. Charlie, the postman has joined the Army so they now have a lady Postwoman, Miss Mary Yates who takes out the letters. Philip Ashcroft's daughter Mary, now married, (she was an old scholar at Tarleton School) has came home to her parents for a short rest as she lost home and furniture through Hitler's bombs. On Monday night four men coming home in car from work ran into a stationary lorry between Tarleton and Rufford where it branches off to Chorley. Two were killed and two were injured badly. One of the Burscough Home Guard ? a lad of 17, who lived on Canal bank, walked out of his home with his rifle slung over arm and walked right into the canal and was drowned.

A Request.
If there are any lads who have gone off without receiving from the Rector one of the little blue New Testaments he gives to all lads in the Forces will they please let him know at once and he will send them on.

A Prayer.
Almighty God, who seest that we have no power of ourselves to help ourselves; Keep us both outwardly in our bodies and inwardly in our souls; that we may be defended from all adversities which may happen to the body, and from all evil thoughts which may assault and hurt the soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

On Leave.
Corporal Instructor Ernie Ball home for 48 hours at the week-end. Sapper Norman Barron for seven days. Gdsn. Corporal Nick Dewhurst for 48 hours at week-end. Ted Baybutt (Hesketh Bank) for seven days. M.P. Billy Wilson for seven days. John Tindsley home for seven days embarkation leave.

Local Gossip
Mrs. Mayor (Webster's corner) is moving into Robert Latham's house. There is some talk of A. R. P. taking over Mayor's old house. Frank Marsden is taking over the Legh Arms at Mere Brow but is not giving up his building business. With the Legh Arms goes 30 big acres (60 small) of arable and pasture land. John Bamford (Fermor Road) fell off motor cycle and put shoulder out of joint; still has arm in sling. Ronnie Wignall joined the Navy on Thursday. William Sutton joins R.A.F. on Monday. Billy Molyneux joins R.A.F, on Thursday. Mr. McKechnie (Fermor Road) was buried on Saturday. Norman Barron is in the Bomb disposal Corps. Under heading "Remembrance Sunday" in last week's letter we should have said that Robert Latham laid the Wreath for the British Legion on War Memorial and Mrs. Mary Barron the wreath for the Women's Section. Mrs. Foster has now returned home from Preston Infirmary. The Banns of Marriage of Norah Fowler, Gorse Lane, and John Golding of Rufford were called out for the first time on Sunday. Ronnie Pilkington has finished his embarkation leave and should sail east any day now. Pilot Officer Dick Rymer flew over Tarleton in his machine last week. The Minimax fire extinguisher Company have given the Rector two new refills free, for saving those six tons of the nations tea but he has not received a word of thanks from the owners of the tea. Dvr. John Robinson and Dvr. Stanley Johnson are expected home this week for seven days leave. Lieut. Frank Croft was home on leave last week and his brother Lieut. Arthur Croft looked in for a few hours as he was passing Tarleton on changing camp. The third brother Captain Fred Croft was home a fortnight ago. Letters still come from Herbert Nutter and Clifford Hambilton now prisoners of war, but so far no news of any sort about Trevor Adams. The Vicar of Preston has turned part of his house into a Club for men serving with the Forces in memory of his son who was recently killed while serving with the Air Force.


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