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World War II newsletter
October 9th 1940

From the Rector.
My dear lads,
It has given me great pleasure to have so many lads home on leave during the past week. During the past week I have had the privilege of bringing five from Preston in the early hours of the morning, and I want to ask you all to telephone to me at any time you find yourself stranded. With regular soldiers now with us and with the Home Guard on my doorstep I am kept very busy looking after "the Forces". Just one word of most sincere counsel. Don't forget that this really is a war for righteousness against evil and can therefore only be won by those who have God with them. See, then, that you really are worthy to be a soldier of Christ, and keep your soul strong with the courage that He gives to each and every one that trusts in Him. May God continue to Bless you and keep you safe that you may return to those you love to praise and glorify His Holy Name. W
ith my love and my prayers,
Ever your affectionate brother,

Extracts from Letters.
Dvr. Jack Robinson sends a cheerful letter from overseas. Hopes to be home for Christmas Day dinner. Has a special badge up for driving. His Company has its own dance band, concert party and football team. A/C Harry Taylor says that life at his aerodrome is very easy indeed, enjoys the life and so far has heard no bombs. L/Cpl. Ernie Ball went to tea last Sunday with a family near him which used to live at Croston, sees Jerry planes crash daily near him. Gunner Tom Harrison had a 10 mile cross country run on Saturday and came in 36th with 250 running. Sends the winning joke this week. Dvr. Ronnie Pilkington has moved to more salubrious climes, i.e. he never has any bombs now-a-days, and likes it. Hopes to get home in the next fortnight with a bit of luck. He is now a driving instructor. Dvr. Tommy Burns says times are not half as good as before he came on leave as he is how undergoing intensive Infantry training. Is taking part on Sunday in a big Command Display. Wishes to be remembered to Ronnie Iddon and Jimmy Leacy. Dvr. Stanley Johnson (Hesketh Bank) who is with Jack Robinson over the water writes to say that he no longer sleeps under canvas but in his Waggon, which does not leak. Says so far his Company has not played Jack Robinson's at football, and adds "I bet it will be a Derby day when the match does come off." Pte. Ken Ogden is still under canvas and like many others says it is cold getting out of bed in the morning. Wants Ted Barnish's s address so that he can write to him. Trooper Alec Barnish has now gone into winter billets and has found a good home in a stall in a stable on a race-course. Is full time Mess Orderly. Has a Chaplain who knows the Rector and likes to read the N.L. Saw a Jerry plane brought down "it was a smart bit of shooting, four bursts, and down he came." Pte. Jack Parker (Liverpool), lends his N.L. to the brother of a Baptist minister. Last Sunday was Harvest Thanksgiving at the local Church and they were all paraded to Mattins and Choral Communion. Says Bill Faulkener is now a Corporal and sends his kind regards to all Tarleton friends. Gdsmn. Aubrey Smith writes to say that he hopes to get a short leave at the week-end to attend his sister's wedding. As we go to Press comes a letter from Pte. Fred Forshaw who is in a R.A.S.C. Training Batt. in the South, "Fine place and everything including food is first rate."

Odds and Ends.
No "prater piking" holiday this year although large numbers of children are taking "french leave" from school for this remunerative work. Mr. Wilcox is kept busy. Mr. Davies the schoolmaster is now back and will not be called up again until Christmas. Fire at Croston Mill Monday evening, not connected with war; John Gore, night watchman was burned to death. It was his first night on duty there. A good deal of damage done, but Mill should be working again in a week. Croston Auxiliary Fire Service had its first experience of the real thing. Last week there was a continuous prayer for 24 hours in Croston Parish Church, people taking relays of 20 mins. throughout the whole time. William Parkinson is being married at Eccleston on Saturday..

On Leave.
The following have been on leave this week:- Charlie Wright (Mere Brow), Ralph and Harry Whitehead, George West, Frank McKean, Dick Johnson, William Ball, (Hesketh Bank), Gordon Blower (Hesketh Bank), Ken Robshaw, Ted Barnish (Hoole), Noel Clarke .

Joined Up.
Fred Forshaw, William Wright (Kearsely Ave.), Gerald Pendlebury.

Here and There.
Mr. and Mrs. Peters are starting the winter's session of the Dramatic Society. Mrs. Hodson, (Tarleton Moss) gave a huge rope of onions to the Harvest to be sold and proceeds divided between British Legion (Women's Section) Comforts Fund and the Home Guard Fund. We also have to thank Mrs. Alfred Rowland for 2/6d towards cost of News Letter. See Parish Magazine for the generous gift of Mrs. Wareing (Church Road) to Church and Rector. Well over 100 lads from Tarleton alone have now joined up. Two new teachers are to be appointed to Tarleton Council School on Thursday.

Tarleton A.F.S.
Last week the Tarleton Auxiliary Fire Service had to go to Melling to stand by the whole of the night in case of need. They are also on duty nightly at their Station.

Home Guard.
On search the other night for escaped German Airman prisoner-of-war. Searched all cars but found nothing. Not yet fully equipped but all still very keen. When the Rector goes to Preston in the middle of the night to fetch those on leave he calls in two of the H.G. and they stay in Rectory kitchen, before good fire, waiting for telephone calls, if any.

Tom Harrison's Joke.
Tom says he was himself standing at the Canteen counter when he heard the following conversation between a tommy and the waitress.
Tommy:- "A piece of windmill pie please, miss.
Waitress:? " What on earth is "windmill pie"?
Tommy:? ''A pie that won't go round unless you raise the wind."

Passing it on.
The Rector is often asked why there is no news from certain lads. The answer is that they have not written to him so he cannot pass on their news to others. If you are one of those who, have not written lately will you please do so at once and please your friends. Also you like to hear about them and read the extracts from their letters and they like to read extracts from yours.

A Prayer
Be present, 0 Merciful God, and protect us through the silent hours of this night, so that we who are fatigued by the changes and chances of this fleeting world may repose upon Thy Eternal Changelessness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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