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World War II newsletter

From the Rector.
My dear Comrades,
I am sitting writing this letter once more back in khaki with Sergeants drilling and instructing all round me and so I really do feel, if only for a very short time, one of yourselves again. Continually am I thanking God for the safety of Cliff Hambilton and Herbert Nutter both of whose parents have heard from them as prisoners of war in Germany. As an ex-prisoner of war myself I know exactly their feelings and how greatly they will need and appreciate our prayers. I know that you will join with me in this. Also do not forget to pray continually for the safety of Trevor Adams whom, so far, no word has come. We shall have a special thanksgiving service in Church for the goodness of God in sparing Cliff and Herbert and we hope and pray that we shall be able to include Trevor also. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

With much love, L. N. Forse.

Extracts from Letters.
Here are those that have come to hand so far. A.C. Billy Benjamin has now gone south; writes to say that his station is very comfortable and the scenery excellent; only snag - so far from home. Dr. Tommy Burns hopes to be home next week, spends his time playing football and bowls with a little boxing thrown in; wishes to be remembered to Dick Johnson who owes him a letter. Dr. Jack Robinson says that his leave has been moved to the 15th December; served for the Padre on Sunday morning; sends a prayer which he made up himself which is to be found elsewhere in this N.L.; plays a lot of football. Gdmn. Arthur Molyneux going into town hitch-hiked on a large wagon and was surprised to hear a voice say "Hi, Arthur!" It was Harry Price. Also had the great honour of being inspected by his Colonel-in-Chief, H.M. the King; says the weather was marvelous for such an occasion. Also his demonstration to the Home Guard and M.P.s has been filmed by Movie-tone News reel; so we must all look out for it when it comes our way.

A Prayer.
Defend me, O Father, this day, and in all bodily and spiritual dangers; give me courage to endure dis-comforts and hardship; grant victory to our Forces. and a just and righteous peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

This prayer was composed and sent in by Jack Robinson. It is really beautiful and the Rector intends to use it in Church turning the singular into the plural so as to embrace all the congregation.

Change of Address.
Will you please send a line, if only on a post card, whenever you change address? If you address it to Miss Evelyn Webster, Manor View, Tarleton, you will be certain of receiving your N.L. in good time. And don't forget to send a good long letter to the Rector.

This week's story.
Artillery Officer:- Whatever are you men doing wandering about like this, climbing trees and peeping down holes?
One of them:- "We camouflaged the gun so well, sir, that we can't find the blessed thing ourselves.

Another one.
We also liked the story of the good woman who applied for two gas masks because, as she explained, all her neighbours told her she was two-faced and so she wanted to be on the safe side.

On Leave.
Frank Foster; Jimmy Leacy and John Rimmer (Hesketh Lane) each home for seven days' leave. Ernie Ball comes home for seven days on Friday. There may be others but as the Rector has been away from Tarleton since Friday he is not so up-to-date as usual.

Returning the Calls.
The Rector called on Alec Barnish this morning (Tuesday) and found that he had gone to the Midlands. He had a good chat with the Chaplain, a really excellent fellow, and he promised to see Alec. On the way home the Rector hopes to call on Tom Tindsley, Tom Harrison and Tom Fazackerley.

Good News from Bretherton.
The parents of Fred Parr and Edward Jackson have received letters from them saying that they are prisoners of war in Germany and are well and happy and being well-treated. The following Bretherton lads have recently joined up:- Sidney Fowler, John Sharples and Harold Rawlinson. We thank the Rector of Bretherton for this news. Will others please do likewise? Your Chaplain wants you to speak to him. They all tell me this.

In Camp.
The Rector is writing this letter in a camouflaged tent by the beach somewhere in England. Yesterday, Sunday, he took the 7 a.m. Celebration of Holy Communion in a large Marquee, and at 11 o'clock took the Church Parade. The congregation numbered 600. The weather is perfect, very hot but a nice breeze from the sea.

On the Way.
Frank Foster, finishing seven days' leave from the midlands, went with the Rector as far as Chester, where within five minutes he found a lorry going right by his billet which picked him up. On the way the Rector also picked up John Rimmer (Hesketh Lane) going to visit friends. Also picked up many hitch-hikers including a R.A.F. lad who had just finished embarkation leave before going East.

Battle Dress.
The Rector has been fitted out with a complete battle dress including F.S. or forage cap and anklets. It will come in very useful when he is taking Home Guard Parade Services, and, of course, when he is again on visits to the troops.

Special Service.
Next Sunday all the Services will bear special reference to the wish of H.M. the King that it be observed as a national intercession. In the afternoon all the National Services in Tarleton such as the Home Guard, A.F.S., A.R.P., W.V.S., Ambulance; British Legion etc. will attend Church. Collections all day for the Church Army mobile canteens. One of these will be on show in the school yard all day.

"Yes", said the R.A.F. pilot recently, we far outnumbered them this time by one or two.


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