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World War II newsletter

I was very
very pleased to receive so many letters this week commenting on my words concerning our preparing ourselves now to make proper use of the Victory when it comes. As you have heard me say again and again it is useless for man to use his brain power in such a really stupendous matter unless it is inspired by God, the only Giver of all good things. So I ask you once again to ask your Chaplain or the Vicar of the parish in which you are to form a reading circle to thresh out the great truths of life. Just a few meeting once a week could do great things, for those few would have first hand knowledge to impart to their comrades. Try this and you will find it at once interesting, instructive and very pleasant. May God bless you all. And may He guide you to see that apart from His in-dwelling Spirit mankind
is merely as the other animals, with all the animal lusts and desires, such as envy, hatred, malice, and these breed wars. But the fruit of the Spirit is Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Gentleness, Goodness.

Extracts from Letters.
Two letters this week from Dr. Jack Robinson who is in Ireland. Says they are having a Sports and there are a lot of lads in his company from the Tarleton
district; one from Chorley is a boxer and is in for the contest. A/C. Bert Barron has passed his exam and is now moving to Berkshire; so no more Sunday hitch-hiking home for him. Corporal Austin Barton (please note the promotion) called on the Bridge family (from Sollom) at Banbury last week; finds the N.L. interesting. Gunner Tom Harrison spent last Monday night on the sea front in Wales. Had visit from his family and took them all to a dance in Camp. Trooper George West says that the stamps arrived in the nick of time just when he was hard up. Ernie Ball has had a visit from Hitler's gang but they left no souvenirs. Pte. Tommy Burns wishes to be remembered to Ronnie Iddon and Bert Price. Trooper Ralph Whitehead says he was one of the Guard when the King and Queen inspected the Indian Troops, and so had a first class view of everything. Bert Price has been asked to umpire and referee cricket and football matches for the motor cyclists v the Artillery who are billeted near him. After each game he was complimented on the fairness of his decisions. Has had letters from J. Leacy and J. Robinson. Dr. Joe Wait says his pals fight for the first of the N.L. : says he is expecting leave around September 12th, and send best wishes to all the local lads with the Forces. Gunner Dan Stazicker sends a long and most interesting letter. Says he is under canvas in an orchard among chickens, ducks and pigs; is on guard every second night and suggests some of the Tarleton Home Guard might care to go down and relieve him. Harry Cookson has gone farther south "miles from anywhere" and is now in the motor transport, "which is better than footslogging." Robert Watson (Marshes Lane, Mere Brow), is under canvas also "miles from anywhere", and is cook for his section. Says he hopes to get a stripe for doing it, and expects to be on leave around Sept. 11th. Pte. Ken Ogden is in the raided area, and says many of his companions are going to Africa. Says he is doing his best to find a prize joke. Trooper Alec Barnish had a visit from his father and mother and a very special young lady; says he is leaving his present camp and going elsewhere; enjoyed a Ceremonial Church Parade. Harold Pilkington says he is very grateful to the Mere Brow folk for their gifts.

Prize Joke.
This week the prize for a good story goes to Jack Robinson for the following which he heads "Positive Proof".
Captain (to a Private): "If the Major calls, tell him I'm out."
Private: "Certainly, sir."
Captain: "And understand, Jones, don't be working or he will know that you are lying."
P.O. for 2/6d has been sent to Jack with this letter.

On Leave.
Corpl. Edgar Wait home on seven days' leave. Billy Benjamin had his last hitch-hike leave for some time on Sunday, has now gone south. Harry Cookson home a few hours on Sunday and Ted Barnish also managed a few hours from L-nd-n.

Hubert Tindsley has sent a telegram saying he has arrived safely in Africa. Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) is going east; Jimmy Burns is there already. Several others write to say that they have been asked to volunteer for overseas service.

Odds and Ends.
Old Church Sunday better than ever before; good congregations, perfect weather, good collections and the Church looking lovely. All Schools are breaking up for another fortnight on Friday. May Wilson is to be married on Monday, and Lily Pickervance the following Friday. Both in Tarleton Parish Church. As the Rector will be away and as both their young men come from Hesketh Bank Mr. Thorne will perform both ceremonies. Mrs. Nick Dewhurst stayed a week with her husband in ---- and was bombed on the morning of her return. She arrived back safely. Several lads have not written for some weeks. We should be glad to receive a line from them. A few Army boots and overcoats have been issued to the local Home Guard. Rector asked on Sunday in Church for dart boards etc. for the Guard Rooms. Roger Watson (Moss Lane) joins the R.A.F. tomorrow, (Tuesday).

Visiting the Troops.
By special invitation the Rector is visiting his old Battalion in Wales and preaching at parade service on Sunday. He will leave Tarleton on Friday by car and should arrive back the following Friday. On the way he will visit all Tarleton and district lads now in Wales. He will write next week's N.L. while he is away so it may not contain quite as much news.

Day of Intercession.
By Command of the King, Sunday Sept. 8th is to be kept as a Day of Intercession throughout the Empire. President Roosevelt has also made it a Day of Intercession throughout U.S.A. In Tarleton we are having an additional service in the afternoon for all local units, such as the Home Guard, Fire Service, First Aid, Women's Auxiliary, &C.

A Prayer.
Whatsoever things are pure and lovely, whatsoever things are gentle and generous, whatsoever things are noble and self-forgetful, honourable and of good report, these things, O Lord, grant that I may with my whole heart pursue, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

This Month's Mag.
With this N. L. you will receive a copy of this month's Parish Magazine. Eighty of these are now sent every month to the lads away. Read them through and pass them on. You may be doing your neighbour a good turn.

Our Thanks.

The additional prize given for the best story last week was given by Mrs. Tatham, Hesketh Lane Post Office. This is the second she has now given and we thank her in the name of all the lads.
The working parties would be very glad if lads would let us know exactly what they want, such as helmets, socks, handkerchiefs, etc.


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