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World War II newsletter

The Rector to his Lads.
I am glad that so many lads have written to say that they like my few serious words on the front page of this letter. After all no one can deny that we have a soul as well as a body. Everyone of us have our own little circle of particular friends with whom we share our life. You, who are reading this have those with whom you share your time, your parcels, your experiences. Do you share your soul with them? By that, I mean, do you sometimes get down to the serious things of life when you are talking to them. Why not ask your Chaplain or your Vicar to come to your billet, say one night a week, and lead a discussion. If you asked them, you would find that they would jump at it; and what is more you would find that they too, can be very good companions. God bless you all, and don't forget to pray for me even as I pray for you. Mutual prayer is most helpful.

Extracts from Letters.
Kenneth Ogden begins his letter "I liked this week's News Letter very much, especially the paragraph on the front page." Guardsman Frank Timperley says he is now sleeping where "Golden Miller" slept. Finds life very pleasant. Ronnie Sergeant is in hospital with twisted ankle. Has had a parcel from the chapel young ladies. A.C. Billy Benjamin is changing his address at the end of the week. Has been again innoculated. Gunner J. Rimmer is in the north and hopes to get 7 days leave very soon. Sigm Johnny Houghton (Reporter for Ormskirk Advertiser) has now completed a teleprinter course at the G.P.O. Hopes to visit his Tarleton and Mere Brow friends on next leave. Ted Barnish is still in London and says he will take on Ken Ronshaw in a dual with light or medium tanks. Recruit (Gdsmn) Aubrey Smith (Longridge) says his Adjutant (The Earl of Blank) is very strict. Adds "I had the pleasure of putting 8 tons of coke into 3 boiler houses with a shovel". Trooper George West says he has travelled hundreds of miles lately. Says his pals like to read the News Letter also. Gdsmn. Harry Crook has been in sixteen air raids in one day. Says heavy losses were inflicted on the German aircraft. Was interested to find a photo of a Church near him in this month's Tarleton Magazine. Trooper Alec Barnish likes getting the News Letter every week; is like the Rector, for he says "letter writing is a thing I am not fond of"; is enjoying sea bathing. Tommy Burns is back after short leave and wishes to be remembered to Ronnie Iddon and Bert Price. Enjoys a game on the bowling green where he is billeted. Harry Price is now in the south where bombs are dropping. Is meeting Nick Dewhurst who is near him. So also is Arthur Molyneux. Adds "I should like you to give my kind regards to all the boys in your next "News Letter", and especially to Dick Johnson, Tom and John Tindsley, and if possible to Hubert also. Jack Parker (Liverpool) known to many of the Rectory lads, is in the South and sends his kind regards to all Tarleton friends. Aircraftsman John Rowland has now moved to an out-of-the-way place in the south of England. Has sent his mother a photo of his company. Corporal Jimmy Leacy and L/Cpl Ernie Ball are both expected home at the end of the week for seven days leave.

Odds and Ends.
The Cricket Club changing room, by the barn at the Rectory, has now become the Quartermaster's Stores for the Home Guard. Old Church Sunday next Sunday. Phyllis Whittle married Albert Barker of Hoole on Monday. Kenneth Hind has been home on 72 hrs. leave. Mrs. George West is spending this week with her husband. You will receive the Sept. Parish Mag. with next week's News Letter. Rector took Choir Boys for a half day to Southport last Wednesday. Rector visits Wales next week, hopes to see a few lads as he goes round Taffy's domain. Mrs. Rigby (Toll Bar) wishes to be remembered to all her customers with the forces.

Rufford News.
For this news we thank Mr. Bert Marsden.
Linton Ashcroft; James Southworth and Bruce Forshaw are all in the R.A.F. Young Dick Sephton is on the high seas going east. Mr. Edge, the Schoolmaster's son was married in July and received his calling up papers on his wedding day. Billy Stazickers wishes to be remembered to all his friends in Tarleton - and there are many.

Our Thanks.
The Rector is always grateful to kind friends who help towards the cost of the News Letter. This week we have to thank Mrs. David Benjamin for a gift of 10/- for this purpose.

Home Guard News.
Musketry instruction takes place most evenings in the schools - also signalling courses. Mere Brow and Holmeswood having a company to themselves. Mr Bell will be in charge. Hope to have a Church Parade very soon now.

Day of National Prayer.
This will be on September 8th. All the collections will be for Church Army Canteens for the Troops. A Church Army Captain is bringing a Mobile Canteen and parking it in the school yard the whole day so that people can see it for themselves.

Prize Joke.
This week Gdsmn. Frank Timperley is awarded the prize for the best story. Here it is.
A young pilot, stationed in Egypt went on his first night flight and was told to work out his positions by graphs. After two hours flying the Officer asked him their position. After studying his graph sheet he tapped the Officer on the shoulder and said "You had better take your hat off, sir, according to my reckoning we are in St. Paul's Cathedral."
2/6 has been sent to Frank for this story.

Here is another.
Gdsmn. Harry Crook sends this story; it is so good that for this week only we are making two prizes - and Harry also gets half a dollar.
Sergeant Major to recruit on parade - Didn't I tell you Perkins to stand to attention. Recruit - Yes, sir, I am standing to attention; it is my battle-dress that is standing at ease.

Cannot be done.
We have been asked to put a list of the names and addresses of all the lads serving with the Colours in the N.L. We regret to say that this is not allowed; but we can, and we will, send privately to anyone asking the address of any particular lad or lads they wish to write to. So in your next letter tell us the lads whose addresses you want.

No Answer.
So far not a single lad has sent the Rector a prayer. All you have to do is ask your Chaplain or the Vicar of the parish in which you are billeted for the one he likes best and send it in. But it must be short.

This week's prayer.
Lighten our darkness we beseech thee, O Lord, and by thy great mercy defend us from all the perils and dangers of this night, for the Love of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


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