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World War II newsletter

With this letter you will receive a copy of a letter that was read out in Church on Sunday from the Bishop of Blackburn and Nonconformist Ministers. Every worshipper was given a copy and asked to hand it to a friend. Read it through slowly for every sentence is full of meaning. Take the one "No life is complete without real religion". Is not this true? Or the one beginning "We need pardon —". Is not this true? Show this letter to your pals and talk it over sentence by sentence. You could spend hours on it. May God bless you and keep you and ever be with you.

This Week's Prayer.
This week I would like you to send me a prayer. Ask your Chaplain or the Vicar or Curate of the parish in which you are billeted for the best short prayer he knows and send it to me. I will print the best six in the next six issues of the News Letter. One made up by yourself might easily be the best. Self-made prayers often are.

Extracts From Letters.
Noel Clarke sends a photo of the village Church where he is billeted. Marine Kenneth Nicholson says he had now finished his course and will be either for foreign service or catching a ship. L/Cpl.Ernie Ball has bought a wireless and says he can get any station between his barracks and Sollom. Gdsmn. Arthur Molyneux saw Kenneth Hind last week, is at a little town in the South the Rector knows quite well. Sapper Dick Johnson is in the far north and goes fishing off the cliff. Says he looks forward to the News-letter on Fridays. Sigmn.Tom Tindsley sends an excellent photograph. Hopes to get leave in about three weeks. Ted Barnish has changed his address, and likes listening to the Band in Hyde Park. Tom Walsh has been picked to play in the football team and has never yet lost a match. Driver Ronnie Pilkington asks for quite a lot of addresses which will be sent. Wants to thank Mr. J.D. Burt. Harry Cookson says that there is little to say about the place where he is billeted "It is something like Bretherton". Aircraftsman Bert Barron says that he is probably the luckiest lad in the Service being so near home. Sergt. Stanley Baldwin says he is enjoying life immensely. Is proving a great help to the Vicar of the parish where he is billeted. Gunner Tom Fazackerley went out for a walk and saw Tom Harrison (Kearsley). Driver Tom Burns has now finished digging for Victory and is now mixing cement and likes it. Pte. T.A. Harrison, Blackgate Lane, saw Jim Leacy on two Saturday nights and discussed this News-Letter, says that his Regiment gets the best food in the British Army. Harry Latham has spent some jolly evenings with Tom Rigby (Toll Bar) and sends a Joke. Jimmy Leacy has again had the honour of being chosen as motor cycle escort to the King and Queen. They covered a route of 220 miles going at times 70 m.p.h. Before leaving the King and Queen spoke to him and the rest of the escort. Ken Robshaw sends his photo and says he is getting four meals a day and is chasing imaginary tanks across the country. Gunner Tom Harrison has shewn the News Letter to the Vicar of Rhyl and gets lots of letters from his friends. Tom Rigby is camped in a field and says Harry Latham is in the workhouse which is now a comfortable barracks. Gdsmn. (Recruit) Aubrey Smith (Longridge) has been in hospital with "innoculation". Says Frank Timperley has now left his depot after finishing training.

A.R.P. Ambulance.
A Special Service for the dedication of the new Tarleton and Hesketh Bank ambulance was held on the Council School playing, field last Saturday afternoon. H.B. Band played the hymns. The Rector did the dedication and others taking part were Mr. Thorne, Rector of H.B., Mr. Barton, H.B. Methodist Minister and Mr. Harker for Tarleton Methodist Minister. Mr. Latham J.P. spoke after the ceremony and Mr. Hy. Parkinson responded.

Odds and Ends.
Mr. Weal and Mr. Freeman have both left the Council School. All the Schools have closed for a fortnight. Mill closes next week, for one week only - with holiday pay. In addition to this the Mill hands have drawn out £1,000 from their holiday funds. Should have a good holiday on that. Preston holiday week next week. People mostly going away for days only. Mrs. Nick Dewhurst is going back to London with her husband for a week. Banns called out for first time last Sunday of May Wilson, Lily Pickervance and Phyllis Whittle (Hesketh Lane). All to be married in September. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dandy have a son. Both football and cricket pavilions are now in use for Home Guards. Have been fitted with sleeping bunks, tables, chairs etc. The Rector spends an hour every evening in the Guard Room talking to friends. The Rector and the lads have to thank the Misses Alty, (Astland Lodge) for donation of 10/- towards the cost of the News-Letter. We also owe our thanks to Brown's Typewriting Services, Burnley, for duplicating it so promptly each week. They drew design on top and made stencil. Mrs. Dick Barron (top of Kearsley) fell off a chair and broke her wrist. Special Service for young folk at Parish Church next Sunday evening (Youth Sunday). Older people also welcome. Leslie Goring, son of H.B. Headmaster, has been
transferred to Army Reserve to enable him to qualify as a chemist. Tom Barron (Paper Shop) has bought Bob Harrison's cottage, next door, and is making extensive alterations. The W.L.R.D.C. have erected Air Raid
shelters in Oakland Avenue and in Mrs. McLeod's fold (Blackgate Lane). Philip Barren and Sons have done the job. No shelters have been made for the children at any
of the Schools. Farmers are now getting in their second crop of hay.

Hesketh Bank News.
Leslie Bramwell has been home on leave, looking very fit, has been in hospital since his return from Dunkirk. Tom Bond and Albert Taylor have joined up. Austin Ball, Newarth Lane, Len Ball (Moss Lane), and Alan Cook, Hoole, have signed on for the Navy.

Rufford News.
Jack Griffin is expecting leave soon and hopes to see some Tarleton lads. J. Lingard was given a copy of the News-Sheet by a pal in the Army and says he enjoys every word. Mr. Tom Ratcliffe has left the Hesketh Arms owing to ill health. "The Tango" has been leased to a Liverpool shipping firm. Gilbert Holden married a Croston girl on August 3rd.

Prize Joke.
2/6d goes to Harry Latham this week for the followings-
Orderly Officer inspecting dinners: Any complaints lads?
Private; Yes sir, the meat is bad.
Officers Tut, tut, lad. In 1914 they would have jumped at that joint!
Private: Yes sir, but in 1914 it was fresh: now it jumps at us.

On Leave.
Quite a lot on leave this week. Nearly a regiment came to Church at 8 o'clock on Sunday. Frank Foster, for 7 days. Nick Dewhurst for 7 days. Harry Cookson for two days. Harley McKean for 7 days. Ken Ogden for 7 days. Bert Barron for an afternoon. Ronnie Iddon for 7 days. Ted Baybutt has also been on leave.

To the Colours.
Billy Benjamin joined R.A.F. on Thursday. John Rowland joined R.A.F. on Monday, and Harry Taylor joins R.A.F. on Thursday of this week. Hugh Abram is already with the Guards.


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