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World War II newsletter

From the Rector.
Sorry to disappoint you this week over supplement with names of all members of L.D.V. It is not yet ready but I will promise it for next week. Anyhow with this letter you get the Parish Magazine for August so that is something. Read the first part of the Bishop's letter -1n the Magazine and remember that this war is a crusade - and if God be with us Victory will be ours. With all my love and every blessing I am able to bestow,
Ever your friend, L. N. FORSE.

This Week's Prayer

Holy Father, in Thy mercy
Hear our anxious prayer,
Keep our loved ones, now far absent,
'Neath Thy care.

Coming Events.
May Wilson, Hesketh Lane, has her banns called out on Sunday. Women's Section British Legion have Whist Drive at Rectory on Tuesday. Billy Benjamin joins up (R.A.F.) on Friday.

Bert Price's Joke.
Bert gets the 2/6d prize for this week although his joke is ready for a shave.
Scene - Englishman and American each defending the greatness of his own country.
American: In America we grow cabbages so large that it that it takes three weeks to walk round them.
Englishman: That's nothing! When I was finishing my work on Saturday on a big tank we're building I dropped my hammer, and on Monday morning when I got back I was just in time to catch it before it reached the bottom. American: What do you want so big a tank for ?
Englishman: To boil your cabbages in.

Rector's Joke.
I heard this the other day. But it did not get a prize.
Vicar's wife engaging new maid; at end of interview. Before you go I should like to know whether you have any religious views.
Maid: No, I am afraid I haven't, ma'am; but I have a very good view of Blackpool sands shewing the Bishop's Mission, if that would do.

Hoole News.
Jack Sergeant was married to Alice Jackson at Hoole Parish Church on Saturday. Eddie Wignall and Jack Orrit are both going "East". Sapper Jack Gidlow (School Lane), is with Norman Barron in the South West. George Roskell is in the Navy. Jimmy Hunter has been officially reported missing. The parents of Fred Parr, Bretherton, have been officially informed that their son is a prisoner of war in Germany. The ladies of the W.V.S. are sending handkerchiefs to all in the Forces - khaki for soldiers, blue for the R.A.F. and white for the Navy; are also making "Dorothy Bags" for the wounded. Mrs. Griffiths is in charge. Will Tarleton lads please write to the Rector and tell him if they would like handkerchiefs sent to them. Sounds like the last hope in the birthday present line, but we shall send other things as well.

Rufford News.
The following have recently joined up:- John Barton; Henry Cairns; John Caunce; Chris Graham; I. Huntriss; Frank Jessop; Ivor Jones.
F.J. Marginson has left his Unit and is studying for a commission. Tom Fazackerly is in the Searchlights. Rufford War Comforts Fund made £11 Profit at their dance. Mr. and Mrs. Martland are very grateful to the Tarleton lads for their kind enquiries about their son Jimmy who is still missing.

Rufford Joke.
Scene Ceremonial Parade.
Sergt. Major: Get in alphabetic order. Here you, Philips, can't you spell? What are you doing among the "Ps", get with the "Fs" at once.

Odds and Ends.
The Rector's pigeon cabin will not be used as guard room. Too old to be removed. L.D.V. have borrowed Tarleton Corinthian Football dressing room instead. Much bigger and better.

Harry Woosey reported last week as having received joining-up papers, had another letter by next post saying that he had exemption. Mr. Peters has bought a wireless for the Tarleton C.E. School. All Schools in parish break up on Thursday night August 1st for a fortnight. New Ambulance will be dedicated on the Council School playing field on Saturday afternoon. The Rector drew up the Service for this and ministers of all denominations have been asked to take part. Afterwards ambulance will be on show at Shore Road, H.B. Station Yard, Hundred End, Schools Mere Brow and School Yard, Tarleton. Norman McLeod will be the official driver. The Rector was too busy to get away this week.

Expensive Young Lady.
Mere Brow A.R.P. (Head-warden Mr.Billington) have a doll for which the ladies have made many dresses and have made over £5 by raffling it. Proceeds for Red Cross and Soldiers' Comforts' Fund.

Stop Press.
The Cricket Pavilion is also being used as a guard room.

Extracts from Letters.
Harry Whitehead writes to say that he is under canvas and gets lots of rough riding. Bert Price says that he has been so long away from Tarleton that he will need a guide to shew him the way about; sends his best wishes to all Tarleton lads, especially J. Leacy, J. Robinson, Ted Barnish and T. Burns. Frank Foster says that his lucky star is still as efficient as ever, "I simply could not, be in a better place", h & c in all rooms, several lovely bathrooms, lawns, conservatories, clock golf, deck tennis etc. etc. Marine Kenneth Nicholson has had lots of bombing but thinks Hitler must now have decided that --- is now too expensive a place to bomb, none of his airplanes get home again: says he is nearing the end of his foreign service training. Sigmn. Tom Tindsley says that the contents of the Rector's Weekly are like water to a man in the desert; hopes to get leave in about 3 week's time after passing his first exam; sends a very good photo. Driver Jimmy Burns has been dished out with a topee and short pants. Hopes to get another bit of leave before he sets off. Trooper Ted Barnish is in London and says everyone thinks he is either French or Scots; is on a fitting course and enjoying every minute of it. Ken Ogden arrived home on leave almost as soon as his letter reached the Rector. Is under canvas not a thousand miles from Hoole; asks to be remembered to all the lads. Sapper Dick Johnson writes from the far north to say that he has lost the addresses of Tommy Burns and Noel Clarke. They have now been sent.

Home on Leave.
Quite a number on leave this week. Ken Robshaw called home because his father is very ill in Southport Infirmary. Has now gone back. John and Hubert Tindsley both home on short leave for their sister's wedding. Ronnie Iddon home for seven days, looks very well. Ronnie Pilkington home for short leave. Jimmy Burns home for 48 hours. Bert Barron and Harry Cookson spent usual Sunday afternoon at home. Ken Ogden (Hoole) also home. Ronnie Sergeant came home for his brother's wedding at Hoole on Saturday. Looks very well.


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