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World War II newsletter

We must first of all thank the 41 lads who wrote this week, Now the question is do you prefer more "Extracts from Letters" or more actual local news? So far we have only picked out a few letters to quote from. Our space is limited, we cannot give you all you want. In your next letter say which you prefer - local news or bits from each other's letters.

Change of Address.
The Rector may have to be away next week for the first few days, so if you have changed your address please send a P.C. to Miss Evelyn Webster, Manor View, Church Road, and you will get your letter. The Rector will write it before he goes.

Neighbouring News.
There is no news this week from Much Hoole, Little Hoole, Bretherton or Rufford. The Rector has done his best to find some. Only answer "None".

Heketh Bank News.
Bert Miller and John Iddon Ashcroft have both joined the Navy. The Garden Party held on the Sports Field last Saturday made over £72 for Red Cross Funds.

The French for this is "repondez s'il vous plait", but it could just as easily stand for "Rector sends valuable postage", for that is what he is doing this
week. He greatly appreciates the thirty-odd letters he receives each week from the lads, but he cannot possibly allow them to bear all the expense. So with this letter you will receive four 2½d stamps. He has 71 lads on his mailing list and he hears from nearly all of them about once every fortnight.

Extracts from letters.
Jack Robinson writes to say that he now prefers sleeping on a good hard floor to feather beds. Eric Hind, late L/cpl, is now a Cadet training for a Commission, says there is a good Garrison Church where he is now.
Guardsman Harry Crook is now in the Motor Transport Dept. Says he is where the bombs are falling, but doing no damage. Driver James Burns is confined to bed after innoculation. Says "Give all the boys my best wishes
in next week's News Letter". Gunner Dan Stazickor writes a long newsy letter. Asks to be remembered to Tommy and Jimmy Burns. Says his camp is surrounded with trees (flies, beetles and gnats). Tells two good stories. L/Cpl. Jimmy Leacy says "I'd be pleased if you would put the addresses of Bert Price and Jimmy Burns in your next letter to me." Also says, "Your paper seems to keep us all together although wo are scattered
all over the country." Ted Barnish (Hoole) sends his photograph and a cheerful letter. L/Cpl. Ernie Ball is back training recruits after his week-end visit to Tarleton. Is thinking of buying a wireless. Recruit George Burns (Irish Guards) says he is sending me a "horrible photograph", but it turned out to be a very good one. Joe Wait says he is far out in the wilds; says Abram Wright is keeping well "although I can only see him now and again". Sapper John Ascroft (Holmes) says he is pleased to be an hon. member of the British Legion. Harry Price asks us to sing a special hymn in Church on Sunday night "Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah", we shall sing it. Also says "THANK YOU", just like that, for the News Letter; says all the lads will say it just as loudly. Another letter from Jack Robinson says "those at home will think that I have landed in a very funny place, and believe me I have." Jimmy Burns saw his brother Tommy on Sunday and sends quite a good story. Ronnie Iddon wants Ernie Balls address and sends his love to all
the Tarleton and Rufford lads, Guardsman (recruit) Aubrey Smith of Longridge saw Frank Timperley on Friday. Sends photo of the Garrison Church and says he knows the Chaplain who is a friend of the Rector.
Without exception all the lads send their sympathy to the parents of the three comrades still missing. The Rector has been asked to say that all these parents greatly appreciate the lads kindly thought. Any news coming to hand will be passed on at once.

This week's Prize.
Harry Price wins the 2/6 for this week's best story.
Here it is:-
Scene - Barber's shop.

Customer (charged a bob for having his hair cut). A bit thick that, A bob just for trimming my hair.

Barber. Everything's dear to-day. Why it is costing over six millions a day just to singe Hitler's moustache.

Mrs. Tatham, Post Office, Hesketh Lane, very kindly gave the 2/6 for last week's prize. We thank her very much.

Odds and Ends.
Bert Barron and Harry Cookson slipped home for a few hours on Sunday, John Rowland goes for his medical on Tuesday. Billy Benjamin joins the R.A.F. on Aug. 2nd. Sally Tindsley marries George Almond on Saturday at the Chapel. Harry Woosey, who married Hilda Harrison last Saturday, has been called up. The pigeon cabin that Ernie Ball built in the Rector's Orchard is now being used as a Guard Room for L.D.V "somewhere in Tarleton". The Rector's dog "Pat" died last Saturday aged 15 years.

Many thanks.
The Mothers' Union have very kindly given the Rector £2 towards the cost of sending this News Letter to the 71 local lads who now receive it. For this we thank them. We also thank Miss Evelyn Webster for folding, addressing
and stamping them each week.

We hope to arrange a Drumhead Service in Bonney's field, by the Ram's Head for the 140 local men who have now joined the Tarleton contingent of the L.D.V. Parade first with band then march to field for Service; if wet in
Church. Every man now dead keen and contingent one of the best.

Tarleton and H.B. Ambulance.
Nearly £300 raised locally for this. We have been asked
to arrange for a special Service to be held in a field
at the H.B. end of Hesketh Lane for the dedication of the
new Motor Ambulance, More particulars of this next week,

Supplement next week.
We will try and get a complete list of all the members of the "parashots" and send it next week with the letter. So as not to use up any of our limited space we will add a separate sheet,

An Evening Prayer.
Abide with us, 0 good Lord, through the night, guarding keeping, guiding, sustaining, sanctifying, and with thy love gladdening us, that in thee we may live through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Grant calmness and control of thought, O Lord, to those now facing anxiety and uncertainty; let their heart stand fast, believing in the Lord.

Late Rufford News.
Letters received, by Rector from Billy Bridge who is now an ambulance
driver, lot of Lancashire lads with him; also Corporal Jack Bourne who has gone up a stripe. Wants Stanley Baldwin's address.


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