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World War II newsletter

Some confusion appears about the kind of story the Rector wants for his competition. True incidents that happen to the lads away are always welcome, but his idea was to get some really clean and yet really funny jokes. Clean stories are just as humorous and certainly more wholesome than shady ones - which alas abound. The Rector has been in the Army himself for over twenty years so he knows. If we can get together a really good selection of wholesome jokes we might find these going the round of the whole Army. There must be humorous stories told when men meet together and they might as well be the good sort as the other. So ask all your pals for a story to send in for the 2/6.

No News Yet.
Almost every lad writes for news of Herbert Nutter, Trevor Adams and Clifford Hambilton. Also of boys reported missing from neighbouring parishes. The Rector is in touch with all their parents and directly news comes to hand it will be put in this News Letter. If nothing is said it means that nothing has been heard. So continue to remember them in your prayers.

Prize Competition.
Poor results to our offer of prize for best Army, Navy or Air Force joke. Try again. Offer still holds good. 2/6 sent to Charlie Wright (Mere Brow) for the following story:- While in France on night on patrol walking by a hedge they heard shuffling and breathing on the other side. The Officer cried "Come out of it or I will shoot". Not a sound; so he cried the same again. At last he told the patrol to fire. So they fired. Then came a huge bellow and groaning. They broke through the hedge and found they had shot a bull. Charlie finishes story with "Oh, the farmer went wild with us."

Extracts from Letters.
Ronnie Sergeant has volunteered for motor driving. The tam-o-shanter he wears should be called a "Balmoral". Sapper Dick Johnson says he has lost the address of Tommy Burns and Noel Clarke and asks for them to be sent. Jimmy Burns says he has to go on a forty eight hours guard on the hills. Asks for Harry Crook's address as he would like to get in touch with the other lads. Sends his sincerest sympathy to the Mothers of Herbert Nuttter, Cliff Hambilton and Trevor Adams and hopes they will soon hear good news. Adds as a P.S. "Give all the boys my best wishes in next week's news". Harry Crook had a good ride to Bury when he went from his barracks in the south to Bury on escort duty. Also sends best wishes to all the lads.

Odds and Ends.
The Mothers made £10 at their Jumble Sale last Saturday for their Comforts Fund. Engineer Johnny Hague writes that he is thoroughly enjoying his life on the ocean wave. Old Tommy Twist of Tarleton Moss died last Wednesday aged 82. Mr. John Pickervance is now back home on "light duty". £250 has already been subscribed for the Tarleton and district ambulance. The Rector still needs a few photos to complete his gallery of the Tarleton boys in the Forces. All Tarleton Schools break up on August 2nd for a fortnight's holiday. Not known yet whether there will be a "prater picking" holiday in the back end. Police have stopped boys bathing in the canal.

A glimpse of home.
No proper leave this week, but a few lads have been able to rush home for a very short stay. Amongst these were:- Harry Cookson, Frank Foster, who has been made a L/Corporal and has been transferred to the midlands; Bert Barron, and L/Cpl. Ernie Ball who brought with him the Sergeant of his Squad. Lt. Frank and Lt. Arthur Croft, home from France, on 48 hours leave.

Rufford News.
Bert Marsden again supplies this Rufford News. Bill Hull has been home on leave. Ken Lingard is so fit he says that he feels like jumping over a five barred gate. Fred Marginson is in the Navy and his brother Joe is a dispatch rider. Tom Fazackerley, late of Kearsley Avenue, Tarleton, has married a Holmeswood girl and has passed his medical. Jack Bourne sends greetings to all the Tarleton lads in the Forces. Rufford Show is canceled for this year. The question is being asked who is the Rufford lad who had his photo taken in his gas mask and proudly sent it home? No prizes offered for the correct answer.

Tarleton L.D.V.
We are now 120 strong. Drill takes place four nights a week in the school playground. Route marching round the village each night before drill. We hope to have a Church Parade soon. Almost every man in the village is now either in the A.R.P. or L.D.V.; many are in both.

A Correction.
Last week we reported that Mrs. Stazicker had made £6 from the sale of her hymn and the proceeds had been equally divided between local War Comforts Funds. These were the Mothers' Union, the Chapel Ladies, the British Legion (Women's Section) and the Red Cross Fund, under the presidency of Mrs. Croft. Mrs. Stazicker's daughter, known as Nurse Sherrington Stazicker, is nursing in the Army Hospital at Whittingham. Eldest son Dan is in the R.A.

Picture Parade.
All the local A.R.P. Wardens and Special Constables went to Croston on Saturday afternoon and had their photos taken. We understand these are to be pasted into their identity cards. No prizes were offered for the best lookers.

Rector's Surprise.
The Women's Section of the British Legion gave the Rector a real surprise on Tuesday. He paid his usual weekly visit to their meeting and was presented with a magnificent electric reading lamp "as a token of appreciation of what he is trying to do for the lads". As all the lads know what he does is as brother to brother and because he loves them. He wants no praise or reward, but it is pleasant to know that his efforts are appreciated. And only last week 120 men of the L.D.V. made him their hon. Chaplain. He must take care because he cannot afford a new, and larger hat.

Hoole News.
We ran all round Much Hoole and Little Hoole and could find no real news. But there are some odds and ends. Robert Oates married Cicely Dovitt, of Tarleton on Monday. Hoole W.V.S. made £57 at the Garden Party last Saturday. The new Rector is now in residence, very popular with all. The letter is not sent to the Hoole lads, but if any of them send items of news to the Rector of Tarleton they will be put on the mailing list. Every Tarleton lad receives a copy each week.

Pinders Circus.
This has now actually arrived on the Recreation Field and as we write all the children in the place are rushing to see the elephants and other animals.

A Prayer before sleeping.
I will lay me down in sleep and take my rest; for it is Thou Lord only who makest me dwell in safety. Amen.


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