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World War II newsletter

The Rector to the Lads.
I am intensely pleased to hear both from Chaplains and from other Officers how well our lads are doing in the Army. The number, and it is still increasing, picked out to be N.C.O.s is very encouraging. As all the lads say, and I agree, the army is a fine life, and it does appreciate those who try to do their best. I know this, for the only honours, and almost the only praise, ever given me in all my life came from the Army. So you know that if you do your best for the Army, the Army will do its best for you. And there is a great store of hidden spiritual wealth stored up in the wonderful comradeship Army life engenders. Find it and make use
of it. You can draw upon it now and for the rest of your life. There is nothing more inspiring or more helpful, than true fellowship.

Just a Word
If you have no Chaplain attached to your Unit write and tell the Rector. He will put you in touch with the Vicar, or Rector of the Parish. Also in your next letter will you please let the Rector know the name of your Chaplain. Ask him where he was before he joined up and send that too.

Extracts from Letters.
Sapper Dick Johnson wants the address of Tommy Burns and says he is billeted in a disused distillery. L/Cpl. Ernie Ball hopes to get leave soon, he is still training recruits. Guardsman Harry Crook saw Arthur Molyneux last week and wants to be remembered to Hubert Tindsley and Jimmy Burns; says he speaks for Dennis Johnson who is with him; Ronnie Sergeant says it is surprising to find the fuss that the Scottish women make of the English lads. Harry Cookson says he has some very nice mates and is kept very busy. Tommy Burns (late B.E.F.) says that the way he is being treated makes Army life a picnic. His brother Jimmy says his Squad is the best Army Joke he has come across so far. Gunner Tom Harrison sends his photo and says he has learned to drive a motor and is tackling a motor bike next week.

On Leave.
L/Cpl. Eric Hind is on 72 hours' leave. He is on the Staff of a training Regiment. Harry Cookson has been home for a few hours and George West for fewer still.

L. D. V. Notes
Our Local Defence Volunteer Corps is now well over 100 strong. Mr Stanley Dean is in command, and Messrs. James Melling and I. Peters are Company commanders and Messrs. Dick Proctor, Charlie Cookson, Tom Sutton, Hugh Ashcroft, David Ball and Francis White are platoon
commanders. The Rector has been officially appointed Hon. Chaplain to the local company. Mr. Nutter ( Herbert's father) is musketry instructor. Uniforms come next week.

Odds and Ends
Ribble buses are now employing women conductors. Alty's Brick Works is also employing women. Mrs. Stazicker has made £6 by the sale of her Hymn. She has divided it equally between the Church, the Chapel, the British Legion and the Conservative working parties. All these bodies have returned their thanks. We hope to sing this hymn in Church once again very shortly. The lost Circus is billed to come to Tarleton on July 16th. Mr. Griffiths, headmaster of Walmer Bridge Council School is in command of Hoole and Bretherton L.D.V.

Rufford News
Mr. Bert Marsden kindly supplies us with this Rufford News.
Jim Martland reported missing was in the R.A.S.C. and attached to same company as Herbert Nutter. Jack Griffen (Policeman's son) is in the R.G.A., says the thing he misses most is his mother's steak and kidney pies. Bob Townley (who is married and lives at New Lane) is joining the R.E.s. Raymond Caunce has passed his medical and also joins the R.E.s. Dick Sephton writes to say that he misses his week-end strolls to Tarleton. Jim Johnson and Fred Burton are in the R.A.F. Jack Lingard wishes to be remembered to the Tarleton lads. Bill Macleod and Bill Stazicker are pleased to have had a few days leave in peaceful Rufford after their return from the B. E. F.

Hesketh Bank News.
Martin Wright and Rigby Melling are now in the Army. Mr. B. Winpenny, of Douglas Bank, has received a Commission. Great Garden Party for Red Cross funds will be held next Saturday on the Sports field, George Rimmer, who was in the R. A. F. has been reported missing. We can assure his parents that he, and they will be always in our prayers.

Bretherton News.
Arthur Carr has joined a Welsh Regiment and Richard Dewhurst (Overhall Farm) is in the R. A. F. James Howard one of Lord Lilford's keepers has died aged 70. £85 was put in box at the Centenery Celebrations. Brethertonians hope to make it into round £100.

Just Registered
Jack Stazicker registered in previous batch. Edwin Barron Tom Iddon (Church Rd.), Harry Iddon (Sutton Lane). These are all that the Rector has heard of so far, but he will give more names next week.

Hoole News
Jack Orrit has been home on a seven days' leave, thinks he may be going to India. Grand Garden Party in Council School grounds next Saturday.

Tarleton Scholarship.
The Director of Education has informed us that the winner of the Tarleton Scholarship this year is John Alty, son of Tom Alty, Hesketh Lane.

The Bishop's Interest.
The Bishop is always interested in anything that has to do with the many parishes in his Diocese. He writes to the Rector "I am always glad to see your Magazine and News-Letters". And so say all the lads.

Our Sympathy.
Almost every lad who has written this week asks us to express our sympathy to the parents of Cliff Hambilton, Herbert Nutter and Trevor Adams who are still waiting for news of their boys.

Hilda Harrison is being married at the Chapel on Sat. Cecily Devitt is being married at the Parish Church on Wednesday.

O God, Who knowest us to be set in the midst of so many and great dangers that by reason of the frailty of our nature we cannot always stand upright; grant to us such strength and protection as may support us in all dangers and carry us through all temptations; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Not being a millionaire the Rector cannot afford to let every parishioner have a copy of this News-Letter. It is written solely to keep the lads away in touch with what is going on at home and is sent each week to every lad serving with the colours. If he has any left over he gives them to the mothers of boys in the forces.



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