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Tarleton Church
28th (?) June-1940

Rector's Letter.
My dear Lads,
We in Tarleton, as in most Lancashire parishes are very blessed because our Religion is truly a part of our life. We can talk about it quite freely and it does not seem strange to you that I always include a prayer in my letter, nor does it seem strange to me when you, as so often happens, write to me of your inner spiritual thoughts. It is all part, and an important part, of our normal life and it is right it should be so. But all are not so blessed. Already you will have come up against pals to whom religion is something outside their lives. Your duty is to pray for these and have a talk with your Chaplain about them. Then leave it to him, apart, of course, from your continual prayers, and let him tell you what to do. It is his job and he wants to do it. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

A Sad Loss
On Tuesday the Rector buried at St. James Moss Side, Leyland, Arthur Brown the husband of Alice Taylor, daughter of Mrs. Coulton, Kearsley Ave., He was killed instantly while on his motor cycle. He was 28

Hoole News.
Alec Barnish, brother of Edward has joined up. Thomas Bradshaw, from Walmer Bridge Co-op is in R.A.F. Albert Worthington, of School St., is in the Guards; J. Chadwick has joined the Cheshire Regt. Ronnie Wilde is in Scotland; Jack Storry is in R.A.F.; Sidney Patterson has joined the Navy and his brother Edward is in the R.Es (M.T.) Harry Forrest is in the Signals and is with Tom Tindsley in Wales; so far no news has come from L/cpl. Jimmy Hunter or from R. Watson both of whom were in in France.

The Rector offers a prize of 2/6 for the best Navy, Army, or Air Force story. The story must be clean, short, ( not more than 10 lines) humourous and inoffensive. Every joke sent in and printed in this News Letter from week to week will be paid for at the rate of 2/6 per joke. Only men actually serving in one or other of H.M. Forces may compete. No offence must be taken if the rector does not think any story or joke suitable to be put in his letter. The Rector is the sole judge.

Mr. Dennis Seddon-Brown the youngest son of Colonel Sir Norman and Lady Seddon-Brown, late of Bank Hall now of Caton, has been promoted Captain in the Royal Artillery, Serg't. Stanley Baldwin is in the same Battery.

Mr Stanley Dean, Manager of the District bank, has been appointed leader of the Tarleton Local Defence Volunteers. Well over 100 local men have now joined this Force.

A circus was advertised to come to Tarleton on Tuesday. Hundreds of children flocked to the Recreation Ground at the time advertised, but no Circus has appeared. No one knows what has happened to it.

Ronnie Iddon is now home on leave, back from France. Herbert Barron home for Sunday only looking very smart in R.A.F. uniform.

Extracts from Letters
Tommy Burns is billeted with people who make him very comfortable. Spends part of each day in Corporation fields digging for victory and planting cabbages. Ronnie Pilkington wishes to pass on his best wishes to all the Tarleton Lads. Bert Price is on duty from 9pm. to 7am. has been in several air raids and is keeping as a souvenir a "piece of shrapnel which almost has my number on", sends best wishes and God's Blessing to all the lads. Jimmy Burns says that letters he recieves from the lads have done him more good than anything else. Says " I hope that all my pals are praying for the other lads safety''. Frank Timperley writes cheerfully and points out that his Squad. Instructor who was a L/cpl. has now become a L/Sergt. George Burns writes that he is now fast becoming a fully fledged Guardsman. He saw Frank Timperley on Sunday. George West is now back with his Unit but is still under the Doctor. L/Cpl. N. Dewshurst sends his photograph and also a very interesting letter. He is now on the Depot staff as a musketry Instructor. Jack Robinson is somewhere right out in the mountains miles away from anywhere. Aircraftsman Bert Barron writes cheerfully from his depot. Gunner Tom Harrison wishes to be remembered to all his friends in Tarleton. Is quite settling down to Army life. The rector has received 31 letters from the lads this week. more extracts in our next issue. Hubert Tindsley sends a letter and an excellent photograph of himself.

The Rector has mislaid a letter from a lad saying that he was saving his Letters and having them bound as a souvenir. He read the letter right through but has forgotten who sent it. Will this lad please write again.

Bring and Buy
Mrs. Richard Wignall (Fulwood Ave.) and Mrs. Coupe, Moss Lane, organised a Bring and Buy Garden Party Sale at Mrs. Wignall's to raise money for the Mothers' Union Comforts Fund. They made £37. 0. 7.

British Legion
The Women's section of the B.L. who have already given 10/- to each lad serving have also given an additional 10/- to each lad back from Dunkirk or France.

Tarleton Scholarship
This took place on Monday and there were eleven candidates, A County Council Official supervised the Exam. and he is letting us know the result next week. You will see the results of the County Scholarship in this month's Parish Magazine.

Chaplain's Job
Week by week we remind our lads that it is the Chaplains job to be the friend of all. He will advise you on every difficulty you come across and will help you in a hundred and one ways. He cannot do this unless you know him. This is soon done. Whenever you meet him give him a salutation and a cheery smile. Some one has to talk first let it be you.

Short Poem.
Bert Price asks us to "include a short poem in the next issue". Here it is.
"May Golden thoughts enrich each passing day
Then hope is ours however dark the way."

A Prayer.
Watch Thou, dear Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep to-night, and give thine angels charge over those who sleep. Tend thy sick ones; rest thy weary ones. bless thy dying ones: soothe thy suffering ones; pity thine afflicted ones; shield thy joyous ones; And all for thy Love's sake. Amen.


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