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Tarleton Church
21st (?) June-1940

The Rector has received a host of letters this week from the lads away saying how much they appreciate this news-letter. Many have asked for the addresses of their friends in other Units and these have been given at once. It should be clearly understood that this News-Letter is intended solely for those serving with the Colours. To them it is sent free every week.

Short Leave.
Dick Johnson, Carr Lane, home from Dunkirk, arrived at a town thirty miles away. Got twenty-four hours leave and his mother went by car to fetch him home. He is now in the South of England and expects usual leave soon. Came to Church on Sunday for the Thanksgiving Service.
Jimmy Leacy arrived at Preston, from Dunkirk, at 4-0 o'clock on Sunday morning. Rector fetched him home and also picked up and took home young Sneylham, son of the Headmaster of New Longton C.E. School. The latter is in the R.A.F. and went to Hutton Grammar School. Jimmy Leacy has four days' leave. He sends his kind regards to all his friends.

Points from Letters.
Frank Timperley, Welsh Guards, writes cheerfully from his Depot. Says Garrison Church is very like Tarleton, so does Harry Crook. The Rector knows this Church well. It is like our own. Ernie Ball is still going strong as a Squad Instructor. Jack Bourne (Rufford), writes for Segt. Stanley Baldwin's address. It has been sent. Edwin Crabtree is still in the same old place in the South. Harry Price has gone from South to North, a distance of 334 miles all done by road. Kenneth Nicholson (Marines) expects to be posted soon to a ship; meanwhile he is shooting down German aeroplanes. Harry Crook has been innoculated and sends thanks to B.L. (Women's Section) for gift of 10/-. Edward Barnish (Hoole) sends a note to say that he hopes to be home on leave soon.

Hools News.
Miss Wiggans kindly sends us Hoole news and in it includes the fact that Jimmy Burns has joined the R.A.S.C. It seems funny to find Jimmy under Hoole news. Bruce, (better known as Kennie) Ogden kept his 21st birthday in France, now back from Dunkirk. Stoker Rigg, (Royal Navy) has returned to ship after 48 hours' leave.

Hesketh Bank News.
Leslie Bramwell (R.A.M.C.), is back from Dunkirk, is now in hospital but hopes to be home in a week or two. Fred Carr is still in France; Wm. Stringfellow has joined the Navy.

Everyone will be pleased, though not surprised, to hear that Mr. Fred Croft, the eldest son of Dr. Lawrence Croft has been promoted to the rank of Captain. Blessed with a brilliant and capable Father and an equally brilliant and capable Mother none of Dr. Croft's sons can fail to do well. Captain Fred Croft distinguished himself at College and also as Assistant Town Clerk of Doncaster.

The Rector apologises to Ralph Whitehead for leaving his name out of the list of lads with the Colours. This was strange, as the very day the list was typed the Rector received Ralph's promised photograph.

Latest News.
We are very glad to say that John Wright's wife has now heard from him. He is in France and for the time is comparatively safe.

Our Continued Prayers.
So far no news has come from either Herbert Nutter nor Clifford Hambilton. We know that all the lads will continue to pray for their safety, and that God, of His goodness will console their parents during their anxious days of waiting. Of the 15 lads at Dunkirk we have now news that 14 are back in England.

Local News.
Haymaking has now begun in Tarleton. willing workers (14 men) have been busy in the Old Churchyard cutting the grass and hedges and making it tidy. Church Tea Party last Saturday, No procession but Mr. Ronnie knight kindly provided a Cinema Show in the afternoon. Mrs. Knight gave toffees and Mr. Fred Webster gave ices to all present. Silcock's Round-a-Bouts on the Field for the Evening. Chapel Tea Party next Saturday. On Monday Silcock's are giving all their takings to the Red Cross Fund. Parashots go out every night and keep watch. George West, from Dunkirk, has had his leave extended owing to illness. There was a special Thanksgiving Service on Sunday afternoon for the safety of the B.E.F.

New Rector of Hoole.
The Rev. T. G. Watkins, at present assistant Curate of Penwortham, in charge of Middleforth district, has been appointed Rector of Hoole in place of Mr. Dunne who died last November.

Does he know you ?
Do you know your Chaplain and does he know you ? He certainly wants to. If you do not know him, to break the ice shew him this letter. You will be surprised how really friendly and homely you will find him. Also he can help you in a hundred and one ways. He only wears Officer's clothes to give him some standing, but he is still a parish priest and you are his parishioners. You will find him just as "pally" as the Rector.

Prayer for our Comrades.
O Heavenly Father, who through Thy dear Son, hast made us all of one family look with Thy love and Thy blessing upon all my comrades. Help me to help them to know Thee and to love Thee more fully. May we strengthen each other through our fellowship in Thee, and may our comradeship one with another be so pure and so beautiful that it may be a joy to us for the present, and in the years that lie ahead be a storehouse from which we can draw the sweetest and most pleasant memories of the past. This we ask through Jesus Christ, thy Son, our holy elder Brother. Amen.

Latest Recruits.
George Burns joins the Irish Guards on Thursday, and on the same day Harry Cookson joins the South Lanes.

Letters appreciated.
We would like all our lads, as far as is possible, to keep in touch with one another while away. The Rector will supply any address he is asked for. Remember we are still one family although, alas for the moment we are sadly scattered.

Lighter Side.
Why does the King of Italy regard his handkerchief as a priceless possession ?
Because it is the only thing in the whole of Italy into which he dare poke his nose.


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