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Tarleton Church
14 th (?) June-1940

It is nice to think, as Mr. Duff Cooper said, that for the present at any rate most of our lads will be in England. This gives us a sense of being much nearer to each other. And above all we are actually fighting for the very ground we are standing on, the holy soil of England which contains our loved ones in their and our homes. It is worth fighting for and we know it. May God bless you all and give you courage to endure all for so great a cause.

Home News.
Mr. John Pickervance, now in Preston infirmary, has had his operation and is doing well. Mr Thomas Ascroft, corn merchant, Mere Brow, has died at the age of 84 years.
Very few evacuees now remain in the village. Roger Watson. Moss Lane, has been accepted for the R.A.F. Subscriptions are coming in well for the motor ambulance for Tarleton and Hesketh Bank. It will cost over £100. This week there have been still more volunteers for the L.D.V.

Bretherton News.
Great doings at Bretherton this week in connection with the Centenary, Garden Party on Saturday afternoon and Lady Seddon-Brown cuts the Birthday cake.
There were special Thanksgiving services last Sunday for the safe return of so many of the B.E.F. Harold Cross and Cyril Hawarth are back from Dunkirk. Prayers are still asked for Fred Parr and Edward Jackson from whom so far no word has come. H. Monk has joined up.

Hoole News.
Ronnie Wilde has joined up.
Home on leave. Thomas Bretherton from the Navy. Eddie Wignall (Walmer Bridge). James Coulton on leave from Navy. William Cairns and Kenneth Ogden have returned from leave.

Hesketh Bank News.
Fred Tiffin; Jack Townsley; Hugh Abram and Gordon Iddon have joined up.
The Church Tea Party was held on Saturday, Scholars went to Southport and had a good time.

On Leave.
Abram Wright and John Wright both home from Dunkirk and spent one day together at Tarleton. Abram came home with Walter Moss and both have returned. Frank Foster came home for a day's leave. Noel Clarke (Nobby) is at home, back from Dunkirk, looks very well. Joe Wait has been home and is very well.

In our Prayers.
A letter has been received by Herbert Nutter's father from his Captain saying that from enquiries made Herbert was last seen leaving a town in France in a truck. He thinks he may be a prisoner of war. This Officer speaks very highly indeed of Herbert's devotion to duty. The reason Herbert got separated from his company was because he went back to find his Officer to whom he was batman. No definite news has yet come of Trevor Adams but there is still every hope that he is alive. Of Cliff. Hambilton nothing has been heard. For the safety of all these your prayers are asked.

School A.R. Shelter.
On Sunday the Rector asked for volunteers to erect an Air Raid shelter for the Church School children. During the week he has had scores of promises from bricklayers, joiners, engineers and labourers all offering their services gratis.

Change of address.
The rapidity with which the lads seem to change their addresses necessitates us asking once again that the Rector be notified at once otherwise this letter will be sent to the old address and so be much delayed.

Registered and Joined up.
Amongst those who registered on Saturday are;- Jimmy Farrington; Fred Brockley; Philip Rigby (Hesketh Lane); Jimmy Hague; Fred Forshaw; Allan Wignall (Hesketh Bank); Albert Melling; Philip Barron; William Barker; Richard Ashcroft; Ernest Iddon (Gorse Lane); Harry Baybutt; Richard Wright (Hague Avenue); Howard Gabbott; Jack Mee.

Old Churchyard.
Volunteers are still taking off their coats every evening to get the old Churchyard in good conditions. It now looks very smart and clean.

Lighter Side.
A man who was asked why he preferred blondes replied that he was always afraid of the dark.
Another form of the same pun is the story of the little girl who, when she was told that she could only have a light supper, asked her mother if she could have a dark breakfast.

Letters Received.
The Rector thanks the following lads for their letters, Gunner John Rimmer; Gdsm Arthur Molyneux says, "will you please remember me to all my friends in Tarleton, I have so many that it is impossible for me to keep in touch with all of them". Dr. Jimmy Burns asks for news of Herbert Nutter and Cliff Hambilton. L/cpl James Leacy has only just received the letters sent to him when he was in France, Pte Harry Latham has been in an air raid. Pilot Richard Rymer has done extremely well and is now a pilot, flies half the day and studies the other half. L/cpl Ernest Ball who is on the permanent staff as an Army Instructor says he is putting on weight and slept through an air raid. Cpl. Edgar Wait says, as do all the others, that he looks forward to the News letter every week. Sgmn Thomas Tindsley says that he has been training as a wireless and line operator. Ronnie Pilkington sends another nice long letter and shews that he is a philosopher.

Prayer for our Country
God of our Fathers, unto thee Our fathers cried in danger's hour, And then thou gavest them to see the acts of thine almighty power. They cried to thee, and thou didst hear; They called on thee and thou didst save; And we their sons to-day draw near Thy Name to praise. Thy help to crave. Lord God of Hosts, uplift thy hand, Protect and bless our Fatherland.

British Legion (Women's Section) The B.L. ladies held a Whist Drive at the Rectory on Tuesday to raise some money for their Comforts Fund. Quite a good attendance.
Dr. Croft's three sons, Capt.Fred, Lt.Frank and Lt.Arthur Croft are now all back in England.


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