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Tarleton Church
28th (?) May-1940

A Letter from the Bishop.
Bishop's House, Blackburn.
I am grateful for the chance of sending a message as Bishop of the Diocese to the Tarleton men who are serving. This weekly news is a splendid idea; it shews that each of you (especially those badly wounded) is remembered at home by his mates. But it is more than a message of friendship. It represents our constant prayer that wherever you are, and whatever you have to go through, God will be with you to bless and help you. He won't forget you; don't forget Him. Take as your slogan the fine words: "It all depends on me, and I depend on God".

We thank the Bishop.
We know that we are expressing the thoughts of all when we say how grateful we are to the Bishop for his kind words. We know how very interested he is in the welfare of all within his Diocese and how sympathetically he follows the fortune of those committed to his care.

From the B.E.F.
We thank Almighty God for the return to this country from Dunkirk of the following lads:- Abram Wright; Arthur Molyneux; Noel Clark; Hubert Tindsley; James Leacey; George West; Richard Johnson; Austin Barton; Samuel Daniels; Leslie Goring; Thomas Burns; Walter Moss; Joe Wait. Ronnie Iddon is quite safe in another part of France.

Our Continued Prayers.
Still no news from Clifford Hambilton; Herbert Nutter; John Wright.
If any news comes before this letter is sent out it will be added in ink.

Yarns of the B.E.F.
All the lads have great stories to tell. Arthur Molyneux brought back his rifle with the metal barrel clean cut off. It was slung over his shoulder when hit by a piece of shell. He escaped uninjured. George West and Dick Johnson tell vivid stories of seeing thousands of bombs drop on Dunkirk. More stories from B.E.F. lads next week when we shall have seen them all, we hope.

Thanks be to God.
As you will see up to date 13 of our lads are reported safe and in England. We still have to hear from three. We in Tarleton have very much for which to thank God and we are sure that all the lads recognise this.

Tragedy at Hundred End.
Miss Rose Abram, Moon's Cottage, Hundred End was killed by a train while crossing line at Hundred End Station last Saturday. She was 38 years old.

Addresses given.
If you want the address of any Tarleton or District lad in the Forces write to the Rector and he will send it on.

Hesketh Bank News.
Mr. Goring told the Rector he had no H.B. news this week. He was wrong. His only son Leslie calmly walked in on Sunday evening at 5-30 straight back from Dunkirk, and sat down to tea as though just back from a stroll. Looks very well, only damage - shot through boot, not foot. Waited three days on Dunkirk beach for ship bombed all the time.

Hoole News.
John Orritt and George Hartley have registered. Richard Hall (18) has joined the Navy. Kennie Ogden is back in England from Dunkirk.

Tarleton Parashots.
Mr. George Cook, the Solicitor, has been appointed in charge of the local parashots with Mr. James Melling and Mr. Peters, the new Headmaster of the Church Schools, as Assistants. Over 80 have joined so far.

News from the Lads.
Kenneth Nicholson went to Holland and fetched back Princess Juliana and her two babies. Trevor Adams writes from Norway. Is keeping well. Ronnie Iddon is "somewhere in France" in comparatively safe area; is chauffeur to his Officer. For B.E.F. news see other page. Arthur Molyneux was one of Guard for Queen Wilhelmina on her journey through Holland.

Lighter Side.
Inquisitive old lady to minesweeper:- Tell me sailor how do you sweep up the mines ?
Jack Tar:- Well lady, in the last war we used a long handled broom and a dust pan, but now-a-days it's much more simple, we just push the Hoover in front of the boat and up come the mines into the dust bag.

A Thanksgiving.
There is to be a special service of Thanksgiving in the Parish Church next Sunday afternoon for the safety of so many of our lads. The Holy Sacrifice will also be offered with the same intention.

Prayer of Thanksgiving.
O Holy Father we thank Thee for Thy loving care of those near and dear to us when surrounded by so great peril and danger and often in weariness and discomfort. We thank Thee that Thou sought them out and shielded them in their hour of need. We thank Thee too, for the joy of their loved ones at their deliverance from the hands of the enemy. May we ever henceforth show our gratitude not only with our lips but in our lives through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Joined Up.
Frank Timperley has joined the Welsh Guards. Jimmy Burns has joined the R.A.S.C. Dan Stazicker has returned to his Unit from seven day's leave and George West, Arthur Molyneux and John Wright have been home on short leave after evacuation from Dunkirk.

With the Colours.
We have been asked many times for a complete list of Tarleton lads serving with the colours. Here it is; Tom Bums; James Leacy; Harry Whitehead; Stanley Baldwin: Kenneth Hind; Trevor Adams; Ronnie Pilkington.; Noel Clarke; Fred Croft; Frank Croft; Arthur Croft; Dick Rymer; Cliff Hambilton; Harry Price; Walter Moss; Abram Wright; Harry Latham; Kenneth Nicholson; Joe Wait; Edgar Wait; Robert Watson; Arthur Molyneux; Herbert Nutter; Austin Barton; George West; John Robinson; Edwin Crabtree; John Caunce; Samuel Daniels; Thomas Bishop; Frank Foster; Hubert Tindsley; John Ascroft; Thomas Harrison; Richard Johnson; Ronnie Iddon; Ernie Ball; Dan Stazicker; Bert.Price; Tom Rigby; Harry Crook; Dennis Johnson; Nick Dewhurst; Charlie Wright; Kenneth Robshaw; John Tindsley; John Rimmer; Tom Walsh; Tom Tindsley; John J. Hague; Tom Harrison; Eric Hind; Frank Timperley; Jimmy Burns; John Wright.


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