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Tarleton Church
21st (?) May-1940

This week the Rector has been inundated with letters from the lads in the Forces saying how much this News Letter is appreciated. It must of necessity be short and rather scrappy but we do try and give all the interesting tit-bits of local news, Tarleton is proud of its lads and you know that you are never absent from our prayers, May God bless you all.

Lads from Hesketh Bank with the Colours.
Leslie Goring, Harold Wignall, Harry Whitehead, Ralph Whitehead, John Coulton, Tom Brewer, George Rimmer, Fred Carr, Joe Moore, Leslie Bramwell, John Taylor, Wm. Ball (Newarth) , Austin Barton, Gordon Blower, Harley McKean, Dick Rymer, Jack Nelson, Wm Ball (Chapel Rd. End) Stanley Johnson, Joe Eastham, Wm Ball (Moss Lane) , Bert Checkley, Joe Power, J.E. Baybutt, Ronald Whiteside, John Rimmer, Ernie Buck, Wm. Harrison, Harry Buck, John Cropper, Matthew Forshaw, Tom Miller, Richard Baxter. For this list we thank Mr. Goring, Headmaster of Hesketh Bank Schools.

New Headpiece.
We hope the lads away will like our new picture. It has been especially drawn for us. To break the monotony we intend to change the picture from time to time.

Letters Received
Edward Barnish (Hoole); Bert Price is Captain of his Company's Football team. Played 5 games without a loss. Team now totals 33 goals for to 3 against. Frank Foster still very cheery but complains of lack of letters. Ralph Whitehead has changed his address, promises to send Rector his photo; Ronnie Pilkington writes a long lotter, is instructing newly joined lads in motor-driving. Ernie Ball is an assistant squad instructor and is taking the latest 26 years class. He has his stripe, Nick Dewhurst is now a fully fledged Guardsman, and Edgar Wait writes cheerfully from the B.E.F.

Local News
The Mill now commences at 6 a.m. and finishes at 5.30 p.m. Mr. James Moss is now a Sergeant in the Special Constables and looks very well in his new uniform. The women's Section of the British Legion has now sent out the 62nd 10/- note to the lads in the Forces, Eric Hind is home on sick leave after being in hospital with a bad foot. Harry Taylor, Hesketh Lane is joining the Air Force as a pilot. Harry Jump and Harry Jackson of Bretherton registered last Saturday.

Lighter Side
Perkins. I am going home to see what is on the radio.
Simkins, Why don't you know?
Perkins, No, do you?
Simkins, Yes, we have an aspidistra and an ash tray on ours.

Teacher, Now children what does a Crown stand for, and the Stars and Stripes.
Soldiers son. Please sir, the Crown stands for a Major, Stars for a Captain and Stripes for a Sergeant.

Bretherton News.
Pte. Fred. Greenhaigh was wounded early in the war, still at home at Ascroft Farm. Corpl. Tom Roughley has gained his second stripe. Came home on leave and got married.. Rfm. Cyril Rawcliffe has undergone an operation in Scotland. Doing well expected home on sick leave, Other Bretherton lads with colours:-Dr. Cyril Haworth, Pte. Fred Parr, Pte.Tom Norris, Gunner George Wilson; Pte. Edward Jackson, Pte. Harold Cross, Pte. Francis Wignall.

Hoole News.
Thomas Bretherton, Little Hoole worked at Leyland Motors, has joined the Royal Navy, He is 18, It has been rumoured that Chief Petty Officer Hornby, late of Tarleton, was wounded. He was not, but is in hospital indisposed.

No Magazine for the B.E.F.
We have been officially informed that the sending of the Parish Magazine to lads in the B.E.F. is temporarily suspended. We hope to resume sending them again in the near future.

Day of national Prayer.
This was well kept in Tarleton. Large numbers at the 8 o'clock Communion, and the Church was full for all the other Services. Collection for Red Cross Fund.

On Leave.
Kenneth Nicholson arrived home on leave last Tuesday but was recalled by telegram on Friday, He is in the Royal Marines; has joined up for 12 years. Dan Stazicker arrived home on Tuesday morning for seven days leave. He was wise; telegraphed for the Rector to fetch him from Preston at 3.30 a.m. Others take note.

For Bretherton news we are indebted to Mr. Goodall, the Rector, and for Hoole news to Miss Wiggans.

Hoole Lads with Colours.
From Much Hoole - Cecil Rigg, Wm Caims, James Forshaw, Wilfred Smith, Frank Gasgarth, Tom Rigby, Bruce Ogden, Edward Barnish, Harry Forrest, Sidney Patterson, Edward Patterson.
From Little Hoole - N. Alty, T. Barker, D, Cowburn, T. Collins, L. Ditchfield, J, Hornby, G. Moss, Ron Reading, Wignall, P. Wright, R. Watson, R.Wright, T. Bretherton.

A Prayer.
Blessed Lord. Jesus, who by thy holy Incarnation didst condescend to become a member of an earthly family to know its .joys, its sorrows and its ties; look, we beseech thee, with thy Love and thy Blessing upon all our loved ones at home and keep them safe from all harm, Grant if it is thy will that we may return to them in safety to serve thee more faithfully on earth and with them praise and glorify thy Holy Name. Amen.

Just a Postcard,
The Rector would be most grateful if lads who change their address would send him a line, if only on a P.C. so that he will know where to send his weekly letter.

Our Thanks.
The Rector knows that he expresses the feeling of all who receive this letter when he thanks most sincerely very kind friends who, from time to time, give him contributions towards the cost of printing and posting it. He is also very grateful for any bits of news from the lads themselves which he can pass on to others. But such news must be censored by an Officer before being sent,

The Rector's Blessing.
May God, of His goodness, bless you all and keep you safe wherever you may be, may His strength sustain you and may His Love enfold, you. Amen


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