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Forse Newsletter to Tarleton and District parishoners serving in the forces
7th (?) May-1940

The Rector finds it impossible to write individually to the large number of Tarleton lads now serving with the Colours. He is, however, doing his best to issue a News Sheet each week, and this will be sent free to all servicemen from our village. It will not be a religious magazine but will contain items of news from Tarleton and the neighbouring parishes. Nevertheless each issue will contain some item reminding us that we do possess a Soul as well as a body, and that to be fully efficient our souls must keep pace with our bodies in their development.

Latest "call-ups".
Kenneth Robshaw, Doctor's Lane, has joined the "Loyals". Tom Walsh, Hesketh Lane, is in Scotland with the Border Regt. Tom Tindsley, Blackgate Lane, is with the Signal Corp. Johnny Hague, the Smithy, has joined the Mercantile Marines as an Engineer.

Harry Cookson, Chapel Cottages, was loading his lorry at a railway siding when he slipped and fell between the lorry and truck. He was badly bruised and hurt his spine. He is now getting about with a stick. Mrs Tom Latham, perhaps better known as Hester Ascroft, was knocked down by a motor just outside her house, Wesley Cottages, and her leg was broken in two places. She is now in Preston Infirmary and is progressing well.

Stanley Baldwin has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Royal Artillery. Edgar Wait is now a full Corporal. Ernest Ball is attending a N.C.O's course.

News Please.
The Rector will be most grateful if the Lads who are away will send him short items of news for this sheet. He cannot, of course, put anything in that is liable to be censored, but if care is taken it should be an excellent means of keeping the lads away in touch with each other.

Lighter Side.
Scene - Dentist's Surgery in Germany.
Patient - I want this tooth out.
Dentist - Certainly. My charge is .£18. 10. Od.
Patient - Preposterous. Last time I was here you only charged me 5/-.
Dentist - Certainly, that was some years ago. You know quite well that now-a-days nobody is allowed to open his mouth in Germany, so I shall have to cut a hole in the back of your neck and extract the tooth through it, and that is a very costly operation.

Change of Address.
The Rector will be most grateful if lads will inform him at once when they change their address. Unless his Register is kept up-to-date it is almost impossible to send the Magazine and News Sheet.

On Leave.
Week by week we hope to record the names of those who have been on leave. This week the only one is Arthur Molyneux, and he was recalled by telegram the same day that he arrived in Tarleton. But he did manage to look in at the Friday evening dance.

Darned Socks
The members of the mothers' Union will darn any socks that are sent to them by Servicemen whether at home or abroad. So just sort out the socks with holes in them and send them to the Rectory. They will be mended within a few days and returned free of all charge.

The Rector apologies to those few lads he failed to see on his visit to the camps. Two had left the District the very day he arrived, one was away on Army Business, and he failed to get into Yorkshire because he ran short of
petrol coupons. He hopes however to see these lads in the near future.

Free Admittance.
All dances and social functions held in the Church Schools will be free to Servicemen in uniform. The British Legion Club will also be opened free to these men.

Scene - Medical Board Room.
Funky Recruit - I am afraid that I am no use for the Army, Doctor, I am very short-sighted and can only see a few yards.
Doctor - Don't worry, sonny, we are digging special trenches for the Iikes of you a couple of yards in front of the German lines. They will suit you fine passed A.I. Next man please.

Roll of Honour.
There are now 55 names of Tarleton lads serving with the Colours on our Roll of Honour.

A Prayer.
Whatsoever things are pure and lovely, whatsoever things are gentle and generous, whatsoever things are noble and self-forgetful, honourable and of good report; these things, 0 Lord, grant that I may with my whole heart pursue, through Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my Friend.
If we could see.
If we could see beyond today
As God can see;
If all the clouds should roll away,
The shadows flee -
0'er present griefs we would not fret,
Each sorrow we would soon forget,
For many joys are waiting yet
For you and me.

British Legion.
Up-to-date the Women's Section of the British Legion has sent each of the 52 lads away with the Colours, a 10/-note in addition to much else. We know how greatly the lads appreciate all that these women are doing for them. Mrs. Croft, the wife of Dr. Croft is the President, and she takes a personal interest in seeing that the lads receive their gifts.

If any lads coming home on leave who are stranded at Preston or Southport after the last 'bus or train has left, will ring up the Rector he will at once come to fetch them home in his car. The Rector's Telephone Number is 230 Hesketh Bank.

The Rector is making a collection of the photographs of all the Tarleton Iads now serving. He will be pleased to get one from each lad; they will be framed and hung in the Parish Room.


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