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Tarleton Home Guard
Photo of Tarleton Home Guard
Tarleton Home Guard
Front Row seated on ground in centre, Left to Right:-
1. Jackie Barton; 2. Harry Bridge

2nd Row L to R:-
1. Richard Iddon; 2. Ted Topping: 3. Tom Sutton; 4. George Cook; 5. Billy Whittle; 6. Jack Ashton; 7. David Ball: 8. James Melling; 9. Stanley; 10. George Kemp; 11. Bill Ritchins; 12. Nick Taylor; 13. Jimmy Holmes; 14. Jimmy Ashcroft; 15. Bob Alty; 16. ? ?;

3rd Row L to R
1. Harry Ashcroft; 2. ? Dandy; 3. Bert Barron; 4. Joe Abram; 5.Tommy Barron; 6. Len Waddilove; 7. Tom Mayor; 8. Percy Bryan; 9. Johnny Burns; 10. Jack Coulton; 11. Jack Stazicker; 12. Stanley Barron; 13. Robert Baybutt; 14. Harry Iddon; 15. Harry Farrington; 16. Eddie Ashcroft; 17. Norman Pearson;

4th Row L to R
1. Tommy Taylor? ( Tommy Tishie ); 2. Levi Johnson; 3. Jack Eaton; 4; Enoch Johnson; 5. George Ascroft; 6. Jimmy Prescott; 7. Dick West; 8. John Fazakerley; 9. Henry Baybutt; 10. ? ?; 11. Bob Ashcroft; 12. John Spencer?; 13. Harry Latham; 14. George Becconsall; 15. Jimmy Brooks; 16. Jimmy Thompson;

5th Row L to R
1. Robert Cookson; 2. Jimmy Mayor; 3. Tom Hornby; 4. ? ?; 5. John Giddon; 6. ? Taylor; 7. Jack Prescott; 8; Abraham Ashcroft; 9. Reg Johnson; 10. Frank Crompton; 11. Jimmy Latham; 12. Jack Bibby; 13. Jack Iddon; 14. Tom Prescott


Read the Tarleton Rector's Weekly Newsletter to the Serving Parishoners- 1940-1946

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