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Abram, Hugh
Abram, William
Ainscough, William
Ashcroft, Iddon
Ashcroft, Mable
Ashcroft, William
Ashcroft, Eric
Ashcroft, Thomas
Ashcroft, Lily
Bailey, William
Bailey Raymond
Ball, William (H)
Ball, Leonard
Ball, William (N)
Ball, William (C. R)
Bassett, John
Bassett, Walter
Baxendale, Kenneth
Baxter, Kenneth M.
Baxter. James
Baxter, John
Baxter, Richard
Baxter, Henry
Baxter, Harry
Baybutt, Edward
Berry, John
Berry, Charles
Binns, Joan
Blackburn, Albert
Bloomer, Charles
Bloor, James
Bond, Thomas
Bond, John
Bond, Robert
Boston, Montague
Bramwell, Leslie
Brandwood, William
Brandwood, Kenneth
Brewer, Thomas
Buck, Ernest
Buck, James
Brewer, Leslie
Buck, Harry
Carr, William
Carr, Fred
Carr, Ruby
Checkley, Bert
Christian, Richard
Cookson, Sidney
Cookson, Cecil
Cookson, Elijah
Cookson, Frank
Cookson, Harold
Cookson, Arnold
Cookson, William
Cookson, Reginald
Coulton, William
Coulton, John R.
Coulton, John
Coulton, James
Coupe, Barbara
Coupe, Fred
Cropper, John
Cropper, James
Dawson, Peter
Davies, Wilfred
Ellis, Wilfred
Ferris, Betty
Ferris, George
Fish Edith
Forshaw, Matthew
Foster, John
Garlick, J.J.
Gautry, Stacey
Goring, Leslie
Guy, Peter
Harrison, William
Harwood, Norman
Hindley, Henry
Holden, Gordon
Howard Ambrose
Hornby, Horace
Hoyle, Harry
Hurst, Thomas
Iddon, Ralph
Iddon, William
Iddon, Clarence
Iddon, Thomas
Iddon, Gordon
Iddon, Robert
Jackson, John
Johnson, Stanley
Kelsall, Joan
Latham, James H.
Leadbetter, Stewart
Long, Samuel
Measham, Thomas
Melling, William
Melling, Rigby
Miller, Frank
Miller. Bert
Miller, Thomas
Moore, Joseph
McKean, Harley
Nelson, John
Parker, John
Parkinson, William
Parkinson, John
Parkinson, Kenneth
Parkinson, Malcolm
Power, Joseph
Rae, William
Rimmer, John
Rimmer, Thomas
Rimmer, William
Sanders, Alan
Sharples, Robert
Scambler, Charles
Stringfellow, William
Stringfellow, Colin
Stringfellow, Rosemary
Sutton, Maurice
Taylor, John (T)
Taylor, John (J)
Taylor, Stanley
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, George
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Nicholas
Taylor, Malcolm
Tiffin, Leslie
Tiffin, Fred
Townsley, John
Wadsworth, George
Waters, John
Waters, James
Waters, George
Watson, Roger
Whitehead, Ralph
Whitehead, Henry
Whitehead, Pearl
Whiteside, Doris
Whiteside, Ronald
Whiteside, Nicholas
Woodhead, James
Wignall, Colin
Wignall, Reginald
Wignall, Eric
Wignall, Herbert
Wrigglesworth. D. J.
Winpenny, Ernest ,
Wright, Martin
Wright, Nicholas
Wright, Ann


Ball, Austin
Bloor, Gordon
Mee, Thomas
Pill, Leonard
Rimmer, George
Smith, Henry
Wignall, Harold
lddon, William W.
Smith, Henry

PLEASE NOTE- Any appeals, objections or omissions, to be made to the Hon. Sec. William Rymer, Hesketh Lane, Tarleton, (not Later than May 14th. 1946. No CLAIM Can be entertained AFTER this date.

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