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Hesketh Rectory
January 1944

My dear friends,
A Happy and Victorious New Year to you all. Our Christmas mail brought us several greetings from you in addition to many letters, for which we make our grateful acknowledgment. Here are three words I would pass on to you as a 1944 Motto, all from the Bible.
For the Past: “My grace is sufficient for thee”.
For the Present: “My Presence shall go with thee“.
For the Future: “My Presence shall be with thee”.
I am appending this month a special New Year message from an anonymous friend.
From yours very sincerely,

1. Remember God. He is interested in you. Is that difficult to believe? Nevertheless it is true. It is amazing to say. But then God is amazing. What concerns you concerns Him. He too knows all about the wife and kiddies at home and He is willing, and keenly willing at that, to do all that is needful for them if you and they will let Him. You can depend on God - He never lets one down.
2. Remember God’s Friendship. Learn to talk to God. He likes it ,and you’ll like it when you‘ve tried. A man is known by the company he keeps, and if you have God as your Companion you’ll find the way made easier. There is many a burden for you to carry along Life’s highway but His companionship lightens the load - you’ll find He carries the heavier part of the burden.
3. Remember that Religion is Practical. In fact it is most practical and the most sensible thing in life. It isn’t a matter of fine aspirations and noble feelings and poetic sentiments; it is a matter of developing, by God’s help and friendship, a better character, of being true and just in all our dealing. What does the Lord require of us? To do justly , to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. We can try - we shall find God will supply the power to do it - and the end of the year should find us better man and women than the beginning.

The Rector acknowledges most gratefully Christmas Greeting cards from Fred Tiffin (Scotland), John Jackson (Sicily), Harry Hoyle (Canada), Edgar Wait (Scotland), Joe Eastham (India), Bob Iddon (Africa), Dick Rymer (Scotland), They all arrived in time for Christmas Day. He also……for letters received since last month from Malcolm ……pper, Leslie Tiffin, Fred Tiffin, William Melling,……arry Buck, John Taylor, William Carr, Gordon Iddon,……H.M.S. Bulolo), Edith Fish, Stuart Leadbetter, William ……right, Ronnie Whiteside.
……er dated Dec. 5th from India, Joe Easthasm tells us of ……ne and swimming in the sea”. We in Hesketh Bank ……ime were finding it a bit cold for that. Joe wishes …….remembered to Rigby Melling, Bert Miller and Jimmy……
……lor has had an interesting ride in an American plane. ……like riding in a bus. Albert has heard from Robert ……ys he is in rather a wild spot. They have had a touch ……earthquake. Everything shook about the place.
……lling writing on Nov. 6th, tells of two years out……, and therefore appreciates greatly the N.L.
……(Nov. 14) has spent a week in November in the famous ……mountains).He will, he says, not forget his ex-…… following. Tennis, Golf, horse-riding, bullock wagons,……eaver-birds, baboons, snakes, waterfalls, deep ravines, ……The people gave them a marvellous time. They saw ……life, went up the S…..pass on horseback.
……per (Dec. 13th) has been in hospital, but thanks to ……nurses” is much better and looking forward to a ……e. He was lucky to meet his pal Sam Long in the same ……sends his best love to Fred Carr, Ronnie Whiteside,……er, not forgetting his own brother Jim.
……aylor (Dec. 17th) particularly appreciates the …… Douglas Iddon and the Bowling Club in raising the …… Christmas Boxes and all who have helped.
……in (Dec.19), wishes to be remembered to Tom Brown, ……am well. He has done some hours flying, since re-……A.F. though not yet operational. He met Wm. Bond …… ss while in Berwick early in December.
……iffin (Dec.8) sends greetings to Peter Dawson, Horace ……r Taylor, and his own brother Fred.
……ck has been in bed with ’flu for a few days, but is ……w. His football team played a Navy team and beat……
……lor (H.M.S. Fleetwood Dec. 4th) got his October and ……s on Dec. 3rd. He received special encouragement……sages of the Bishop of Blackburn and Mr. Bowker. John …… wishes to Peter Dawson and William Ball (Newarth), ……, Frank Cookson and all the lads.
……er sends her love from Derbyshire to her brother Fred ……and she says “it won’t be long now”.
Gordon Iddon (Scotland) has had two years in Infantry, one year in Anti-Tank and 6 months in a mountain regiment. He wishes to be remembered to all the lads from Hesketh. He says that it is very comforting to sit down after a hard day’s work and read of all that has happened in Hesketh Bank.
William Ball (H.M.S.Bulolo, Sept, 21) writes a long way from home. He sends greetings to William Bailey.
Edith Fish (Dec. 7th) hopes to be home on January 8th.
Stuart Leadbetter says he will never be able to tell us how much the N.L. means to him. He thanks Mr. Holmes for his very good letter. He sends greetings to Ronnie Whiteside and Harry Buck.
We thank William Bailey for his Christmas good wishes.
Martin Wright (Dec.8) says he spends hours reading over his N.L’s. He likes the quotations at the end, and he pays tribute to Douglas Iddon for what he has done for the last four years. He reports that their camp has been adopted by a Trawler Company in Milford Haven, from whom they get all their fish free and it is lovely stuff. They have also provided them with an extension loud speaker to each hut. Martin wishes to be remembered to three old school mates, Harold Cookson, Bob Iddon, and Harry Hoyle.
Ronald Whiteside (M.E.F. Oct. 10th) has had a letter (Oct. 9th) from Leslie Bramwell. Ronald has just heard a City Police Band, the best to be heard out there. He desires to tell Jim Rimmer that if he wants a good partner or a B.B. Bass player he has an excellent darkie for him from this band. Yes, Roland, the Rector would very much like to have the photo you mention of the lads (sub-section) of the Eighth Army who came up all the way from Sollom.

A most successful Fancy Dress Dance was held on Tuesday Dec. 7th in the School, Shoreside, in aid of the Newsletter fund. It certainly surpassed anything of its kind ever held in our School.
On entering the room (if you could enter it, it was so packed tight) we were swept into the land of imagination, fairies, pixies, Snow White, Father Christmas, and even old Mother Hubbard, bone and all. Mingled with the children’s laughter and music of the Premier Dance Band, there were the colours of Eastern dresses and happiness reigned supreme, though perhaps touched in many minds with a tinge of regret that so many absent ones could not partake at all.
The Judging of the competition for the best fancy dress was very efficiently carried out by Mrs. H. Slinger, Mrs. Herbert Croft, and Mrs. W. Rymer. The prize winners were Ronald and Audrey Ashcroft (Darby and Joan), Pat Cookson (Old Mother Hubbard), Doris Baybutt (Golliwog), Annie Iddon (Bathroom requisites) and Mabel Wright, Catherine Cookson and Ethel Watkinson representing Faith, Hope and Charity. The M.C.s were Freddy Iddon, Walter Tompkins, and Jimmy …… veral articles were auctioned with the assistance of ……st, and over £8 was made. A cushion made by Mrs. Walter ……ced the sum of £6.10.0. As a result of the evenings …… £45 was handed over to the Newsletter Fund.
……ter has delighted his old customers by opening his ……Shop on Dec. 10th. All success to him. This is good …… Sharples, but we warn him that he will have to take his …… queue this time.
……ing Green had a successful Whist Drive in the School …..6th.
……ylor (aged 8) youngest son of Percy Taylor, Marsh Lane, ……nt playing on the ice on Dec. 14th, and has been in ……irmary since suffering from a bad cut on the head. ……ent progressing favourably after an anxious time. We ……speedy recovery.
……Guard like other units have had a fortnight’s rest ……s. This has been highly appreciated.
……owing have been home on leave since last N.L. was ……e of them being lucky to get here for Christmas;
……Henry Baxter, James Woodhead, Martin Wright, Gordon …… Milray, William Ball (Shore Rd) J.W.Parkinson, …… James Buck, Charles Scambler, Jack Coulton, William ……ower, Sydney Cookson, Stacey Gautry, Horace Hornby. ……s pleased to notice Joe Power and Sydney Cookson in …..
…… quite a good show on at the Garrick this season. ……n” and it is a very good Pantomime, Billy Scott-Combes …… the chief attractions.
……letter Fund has had another lift given to it by the …..a Social Party held at the Becconsall Hotel on Nov. ……very kindly gave us £6, being part of the proceeds. ……e this gratefully.
……Christmas Services were held at the Chapel on Dec. ……. eacher was Rev. T.H. Champion of Southport. There was ……sical Service rendered by the Choir, with Anthems, and ……ruses from the Messiah.
……29th and 30th a Concert is being given by the Chapel …… of the new Organ Fund.
……ing Club are to be congratulated on their successful …… vide Christmas Boxes for all the local members of the ……cularly the Committee who arranged the efforts and …..o supported them, This means that each member of ……s received thirty shillings as a Christmas gift, a……ffort.

N.B. ……. denotes parts of missing lines

Prepared for web viewing by Mere Brow Local History Society

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