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Hesketh Rectory
June 1943

My Dear Friends,
I want to thank all those who have written to me since the last Newsletter. I can assure you that we are just as pleased to receive your letters as you evidently are to receive this one. Moreover, it is important for you to remember that the more letters we have from you, the more bits of news we can insert in our monthly letter to you all. Some of you have said that you hope to call at the Rectory when you are on leave. I shall be more than pleased to receive a visit, even though it is only for a few moments. I understand how short your time is at home.
God bless you all this month, and the best of luck to you all,
Yours very sincerely,

Dear Friends,
The Rector has very kindly given me the opportunity as Chairman of the Parish Council to write a short letter to all of you from Hesketh who are serving in HM Forces. I believe I can speak for the whole village when I say that you are constantly in our thoughts and remembered in our prayers, especially those of you who are in combat. Our greatest wish is that victory will come in the very near future and that you may all be spared to return safely.
As one who served almost four years in the last war, I have some idea of your thoughts and longings for that great day when once again you will be reunited with your loved ones who are doing all they can to keep the flag flying until your return. Keep smiling, and remember that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.
With every good wish,
I am,
Yours sincerely,

Points from Letters.
Horace Hornby (whom we called 'Harry' by mistake last month) can be assured that we have received his letters and are grateful for them. He says that our Newsletter puts new life into him. He wants to thank Mr Barton for his message. He was sorry not to be in when he called. He wants to be remembered to his old pal Henry Baxter, and he sends Douglas Iddon his best wishes for his Whist Drives on behalf of the Comforts Fund.
The Rector was very interested in Sydney Cookson's visit to Bath which he himself visited with Mrs Thorne two months before War was declared, also in his church services in the camp.
Harry Buck wants to be remembered to his old pals Leslie Bramwell and Bill Bailey.
George Taylor, whom the Rector was glad to see when he was on leave, recalls familiar village scenes of men and horses pulling great loads of corn up Guide Road, and he does not forget to mention "the women who have to have their meals ready for their men at all times".

News from the Village.
We have just concluded "Wings for Victory" week. Our target was £15,000, and the kick off was a Whist Drive in the School, Saturday May 22nd, when we were fortunate to have one of our own Flight-Lieutenants, R Rymer, together with his wife, to open the ball for us. He did so in a remarkable speech, for which we thank him most heartily. As we go to Press, the result is £375.1s 4d & Tarleton £275. 8s 8d.
The 'Newsletter Dance on May 12th realised over £25 so we have a prosperous voyage in front of us for "the little ship".
Amongst the many donations we have received for the Newsletter funds, there is one which will specially interest you all. It was sent by Margaret Melling, who is away at a school in Preston. She saved it up, five shillings, in threepenny bits, and she wants through this letter to wish you all good luck, and she says she always prays for you every night, also to her brother Stoker Bill Melling she sends her best love and she hopes it will not be long before she sees him again.
Edwin Higham, who has been ill for a long time, is getting well again and has gone for convalescence to Devonshire.
Mrs Cookson, who has been in Southport Infirmary is now getting better.
On May 3rd a fire broke out in Robert Wright's garage (Station Road) and burnt it to the ground. The local brigade under Station Leader Wilfred Johnson, assisted by other brigades including one from Southport, rendered great service. Through expert handling of the situation the adjoining property was saved. Wilfred Johnson displayed great daring, suffering slight injuries to his right ear. Damage was estimated at £100.
During this month we have had three very good dances in the school. The first one was for the Red Cross and realised £23, the second was for the Newsletter fund and made £25.10s and the third was also for the Red Cross.
Sports news is still scanty yet, but we are doing our best to send you some before long. The Bowling Club season was opened on Saturday May 1st, by Mr Joseph Taylor, and a number of handicaps were held.
Good news has been received of three Tarleton boys, Mr Tinsley's son, the postman, James Latham and William Sutton, all being prisoners of war in Japanese hands.
Tom Measham is on one month's 'Agriculture' leave. Also the following have been on leave, Gordon Iddon, Bert Miller, Frank Cookson, Herbert Wignall, Horace Hornby, Malcolm Taylor, George Taylor, Will Ashcroft, Richard Baxter, Henry Baxter (junior) Charlie Scambler, Harold Wignall, Doris Whiteside, Joe Iddon, William Ainscough, and William Ball (Newarth Lane).
John W Parkinson has joined the Army the same day as James Coulton (May 3rd).
On 2nd May the Rev W R Reed, former Circuit Minister, preached morning and evening for the Chapel Sunday School Anniversary. In the afternoon the children gave a Demonstration "The Wheel of Life". Collections were just over £3o. The Chapel Tea Party will be held on the 29th May.
The Rev Canon Bradley of the Church Missionary Society, preached at Hesketh Church on May 2nd, morning and evening, and also in the Sunday School in the afternoon. He has travelled in Africa (Uganda), India, and China, and he told us a lot of very interesting news about Mission Hospitals and Schools. He also addressed two good meetings in the Rectory on the Monday afternoon and evening.
There was a parade of the Home Guard and the Civil Defence Services at Longton on May 23rd. The Hesketh Bank Band managed to raise fifteen players and escorted the procession to Divine Service.

Twin Geese.
Mr Nicholas Whiteside, of Station Road, set three eggs and from them reared four geese!

Nothing New.
An astronomer has an umbrella which when opened reveals a map of the stars.
Ours too requires recovering.

And Why Not?
The new office boy at the Town Hall was recently given a letter from one of the oldest firms of solicitors and told to get them on the telephone. He was last seen dialling EST 1787!

Pretty Anyway
The gentleman stopped to talk to the wee girl who was making mud pies. "My word", he exclaimed, "you're pretty dirty, aren't you?"
"Yes", she replied, "but I'm prettier clean".

Something to be Proud of.
"This Empire, this incomparable Commonwealth, this widest and greatest association of free peoples in human history". Field Marshal Smuts.

Mr Valiant's Bequest.
My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it. John Bunyan.

The True Law.
True law is right reason in agreement with nature; it is of universal application, unchanging and everlasting, it summons to duty by its commands, and averts from wrong-doing by its prohibitions.

The Englishman
We must be free or die, who speak the tongue
That Shakespeare spake; the faith and morals hold
Which Milton held.

Whether we move on land or sea or air,
The love of God is with us everywhere;
No journeying, no space, outside His power,
We meet His strength and beauty every hour.

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