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Hesketh Rectory
March 12th 1943

My Dear Friends,
Here goes with our first Newsletter to the members of the Forces at home and abroad from Hesketh-with-Becconsall. "It's never too late to mend" is a good proverb for us, and I am very glad indeed that at long last we are able to say we have launched the little ship which will, we hope, bring you interesting bits of Hesketh news from time to time.
For this new effort we are indebted to a small band of helpers who are assisting the Rector in "Pushing off". We constantly remember each of you by name in prayer in both Church and Chapel, and we send you, with this letter, a heartfelt "Cheerio" and God bless you!
One special reminder. It will be a great help if you can notify me of any change of address, or ask your people at home to do so.

Very sincerely yours,

Here is a little contribution from Sydney Iddon. "Things are beginning to look quite busy on the marsh, jackets are cast on one side, sleeves are rolled up and it is really a case of 'Backs to the Land', plough glistening, horses sweating, seagulls screaming overhead, their silvery plumage against the blue sky - all this will bring a grand familiar picture to most of you.
Incidentally, while our thoughts are on the marsh, Mr David Taylor, the village's leading sportsman, tells me that the record bag of 300 widgeon has been achieved by Mr James Iddon of the Delta, while second comes Mr W Guy with 250 to 300. The best bag of wild geese has been got by Mr David Taylor with the score of eleven (good shooting! but leave some for the boys when they come home!) David also informs me that this has been the worst season on record for wild geese".

Other Items
Tom Miller (Navy) is now on his way home. He has not been home for two and a half years.
The Baxters are coming back to the farm at the Brow. They are leaving Banks and had a sale there last week.
We are having new residents in Becconsall Lane. Mr Mrs Billington from Hesketh Park are coming to Mrs Patrick's old home. Mr Patrick died suddenly a short time ago, and Mrs Patrick has gone to live with her son at Rawtenstall.
Jim Ashcroft, of Newarth Lane, is to be married to Mary Wilson, of Tarleton, on Saturday April 24th. Her sister Annie is to be married at the same Chapel on the same day to George Farrington, of Croston, so it is a "Double Wedding".
Mr and Mrs Richard Townsley (Alice Rowland) of Chapel Road, have got a son.
Mavis Bailey, of Newarth Lane, goes to Southport to be trained as a nurse on March 15th.
Hugh Abram and Gladys Buck were married at the Chapel on February 29th. They spent their honeymoon at Blackpool and now live in Moss Lane.
Leslie Carr is home for two months compassionate leave to work on his father's farm, his father being ill.
Ruby Carr goes for her 'medical' on March 11th for the ATS, likewise Nellie Pendlebury (Tarleton).
There was the usual Shrove Tuesday Dance at Tarleton, the ATC band played, and there was a good attendance.
Eric Ashcroft, Bob Iddon and Dr Herbert Croft have gone overseas. William Topping, New Farm, the Brow is recovering well from an attack of pneumonia.
We regret to record the deaths of Mr Joseph Winn, Chapel Road, and James Whittle, Coal Merchant, Tarleton
Joe Power and Jimmy Baxter have been home on leave, likewise Charles Blumer and Kenneth Baxter and William Brandwood and Ernest Winpenny.
Malcolm Parkinson has been home on leave after several months' training overseas.

So There:
An Army driver recruit was undergoing an intelligence test, and was asked what he would do if he were being chased down a main road by motor bandits at 60 mph.
"Eighty!" was the prompt reply.

A business man called at a friend's office. After a glance round he asked, "How's your new office boy getting along?"
"Fine; he's got everything so mixed up that I can't get along without him!"

The Military Touch:
Mother: "You're very late for breakfast this morning".
Ten-year-old son: "I know, but I've been washing all my strategic points".

A Time to Keep:
Runner (coming in last) "Did you take my time?"
Timekeeper: "No, you took it yourself".

Schoolboy's Definition:
Appeasement is when you walk on my foot and I apologise.

A Cure for Depression:
A dying old terrier
Said to her pup,
"In all life's afflictions
Keep your tail up".

English Liberty:
When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered, and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for. Milton

A Thought for all Travellers:
If I take the wings of the morning,
And remain in the uttermost parts of the sea;
Even there also shall Thy hand lead me,
And Thy right hand shall hold me.

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